Etsuko Makazukuro (?cm ?kg)
I remember things by the number of letters they have. My favorite books are dictionaries. I avoid the sun altogether. I love maritime vocabulary, calligraphy, and dancing. I hate fountain pens and haircare. My head hurts.
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new yorktokyo

2024/03/05 (Tue) 05:44a.m. EST

hello vocaloid/vsynth likers please recommend me good vocaloid/vsynth songs. can also be covers of originally non-vsynth songs

thanj you (love 39)

2024/04/02 (Tue) 02:05p.m. EDT

anything by guchiry or pepoyo (my favorites are nitro and pessimistic greed for guchiry and dear, shittaiseitaijikkendai, and imigo no tamago for pepoyo

2024/04/25 (Thu) 02:01a.m. EDT

my fave producers are yunosuke and flg4!! check out break it and hatsukoisou ^_^

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