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List of tests
iris @ sakinorva
The blog

Lightweight databank
Analysis & Resynthesis Sound Spectrograph
heaven @ sakinorva
the sakinorva databank
a public database of real people and fictional characters and their types in various different typology systems
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databank flip-side
similar to ふたば★ちゃんえる裏, home for filtered and rejected entries from main databank
cognitive function database
a semi-public database of the cognitive functions and its various facets and manifestations (work in progress)
library archive
most textual and semi-textual documents available here
How important are these ideas really?
Full context: the cognitive functions
strawberry thesis statements
The "type" in typology
music portal

language portal
collection of learning tools for Korean and Japanese
work in progress! a frequency-oriented vocabulary learning tool based on jmdict & the innocent corpus (jyouyou kanji) (misc. Korean) (misc. Japanese)
analysis & resynthesis sound spectrograph
converts audio to spectrographs & vice versa using a Raspberry Pi
virtual board game based on commedia dell'arte, currently slightly broken
iris @ sakinorva
custom textboard inspired by kareha, my senior programming project in high school*
Responding to cognitive function test feedback
Data analysis: cognitive function test

all updated versions of tests, assessments, and self-evaluations available
Cognitive function test
Rhodes-based Enneagram test with predictive elements
Rowe enneagram assessment
wakaba-based imageboard (dead)
a real-time updating textboard… effectively acts like a chatroom!
kifu new!
is it an art gallery?
let's dismantle
a collection of refutations of bad ideas (in typology?)

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list of donors
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