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I remember things by the number of letters they have. My favorite books are dictionaries. I avoid the sun altogether. I love maritime vocabulary, calligraphy, and dancing. I hate fountain pens and haircare. My head hurts.
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hey there admin! i recently found your website through Pinterest and it’s so cool. i am new here and just roaming around, I’ve been wondering what’s this ’secret corner’ is for. i dont know Japanese so i couldn’t answer questions there, what is it for?

edit- there was an ’home page address” on my comment, sorry.


Hi! The secret corner is an area exclusive to anyone who can answer the questions there… so, in other words, people I know personally who I’ve given the answers to. Anybody can technically get in, but it would be realistically impossible given the nature of the questions. Don’t worry, though, you’re not missing out on anything interesting! =)


Nvm, found it ^_^

hey anyone know if the page where you can start threads/chat with other users is still up on here? I’m having trouble finding it since the layout was updated

such a quirky website, love ur work :)

i love sakinorva

old ass website lmao

literally one of the cutest most concise tests, me and my friend come here atleast once a month

your website is fun

Thank you for making a website like this, its really fun to be here!

I got ENFP 4w5, what did other people get?

This website is pure joy and a distilled burst of inspiration. I haven’t seen anything quite so wonderfully human in a long time. Thank you and keep doing what you’re doing!I’m going to do great things!!! because of you!!! fantastic

Yo!! I’ve been using the tests from this site for years and I honestly adore them; they’re super accurate and reliable! Great site!

i am so deeply in love with humanity!!! we make silly websites sometimes! bro God really said “let’s make humans” and sometimes i resent it but like this website is so good!!! It’s all the personality without the yucky Silicon Valley tech people (but consider that they are still people they’re just trying to make money and stuff and honestly same) (Also my friend spam really likes the tests!!)

Hii! Came here because a friend sent a personality test link and I got lost exploring this place around :)

This site makes me want to make my own site... :)

waaaaa there’s so much to see here, such an interesting site to explore!!!
too bad some pages are broken >.< but it’s ok

I am in love with your web design.

what a beautiful corner of the internet... i wish i could stay here forever!

I enjoyed checking out your website, what a throwback to an era of the internet that I sorely miss. Enjoy your day!

What a delightful website!! What does the word “sakinorva” mean to you?


I’m going to backronym this and say it means “where they bloom.”

really nice site

wow! reminds me a lot of the older, much simpler web
i used to take your tests all the time and never noticed this side of the website

I newly discovered your site and it feels like I found a sweet and warm corner of the internet lol

Came back for the test only to later discover the charming previously-’hidden’ side (or which I failed to notice lol) of this site —hey hello people :)
Don’t forget to take a break and gaze at the moon every now an then!

groovy website

Hello dear admin!
Are the formulae you’ve used in the 256 questions test confidential? Do you have plans on sharing them for others to experiment around?
Thanks for your attention!


The exact formulae will remain confidential for the time being. I think they’re only really useful in the context of the test itself where answers need to be parsed into results, so I’m not sure how well they would translate to other applications. If a test maker wants advice for how to implement them into their own test, though, I’ll try to be of help (via e-mail).

i love sakinorva!!


i like this place a lot. i almost don’t want to bookmark it for fear it’ll lose its novelty-- i feel like half of the magic is stumbling upon this site when you don’t know you’re looking for it :)

I was here to take the tests, but this place is actually really cool!

This website is cute. Glad i came here back

Nice web!

This is a really cool website and idea. I am inspired by you!

this site is so interesting !!

This site means alot. I wish to make something like this someday! Thank you!

cute site

I feel like stranded into weird corner of internet. Very cool, especially with outdated look. Typology rant speaks to my soul, if only I visited this page during my typology era--around 2016-2017

Update: this is the right site for typology! Still cool
Tho (’▽’)

I like your funky little website!! It’s so cool, I was supposed to be finding a website for typology but i guess I typed something wrong and ended up here. I don’t mind it though and I’m glad I did. I’ll try to visit often

Ps. I like your drawing