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I believe profile blurbs should list trivial facts about you that happen to be unique. I think profile blurbs should be about five to six sentences long. I believe profile blurbs shouldn’t talk about your personal opinions too much. I believe some rules can be broken for the sake of humor.
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Katami Fukie 2023/2/25 13:57

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You are encouraged to research more about what Google collects from you and how to prevent them from doing so. stores test form data of users 13 years of age and older who indicate that they consent to having their data used for data analysis. This data includes your IP address, your question answers, your test results, and your provided age, gender, personality type(s), and comments. Your data is solely intended to be used in the context of broad data analysis to look for trends and quirks in the submitted data. It is not to be used to personally identify you in any capacity.
All data currently stored will never be sold to any third-party and is not shared with any other entity. However, if a test itself (not its data) is sold to a third-party, their privacy policy may differ.

Test data is stored in an SQL database, and aggregated or processed data that does not identify any users may be made public at any time. Comments sent should be assumed to be completely public, so be careful about what you send. However, any sensitive information will be redacted in the case that your comment is made public.

Answers to the secret room examination will be stored along with your IP address whether you pass or fail.

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namecreated when?valuefunction
menkyoyobikeysetting “?auth=key” on top pagevalue of keycreates admin license
kanrihensyuusimenkyoclicking “create admin license”value of menkyoyobikeyprovides admin access if correct
yuujinsyoumeisyocorrectly answering all questions in secret room examination and submittingvalue of test datagrants entry into secret corner
gengoclicking “日本語版/english edition”value of languagesets website language
hihyoujiclicking “左側メニュー非表示/hide left-side menu”1hides left-hand side bar
namecreated when?valuefunction
sureviewing a threadarray of all threads and message count from last visitallows you to see unread messages
namaesetting nameyour set nameallows you to send messages