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I remember things by the number of letters they have. My favorite books are dictionaries. I avoid the sun altogether. I love maritime vocabulary, calligraphy, and dancing. I hate fountain pens and haircare. My head hurts.
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new yorktokyo

2024/01/18 (Thu) 02:15a.m. EST

what are sum good Japanese rock songs?!? I need to know , thank u !!!!

aditi anand
2024/01/19 (Fri) 02:30a.m. EST

gimme chocolate by babymetal

2024/01/20 (Sat) 01:21a.m. EST


gimme chocolate by babymetal


2024/02/04 (Sun) 11:46p.m. EST

Honestly most of Sokoninaru’s work, for the sake of it I recommend Vermisst

2024/02/13 (Tue) 10:46p.m. EST

kizukeyo baby - the oral cigarettes

2024/02/22 (Thu) 01:17p.m. EST

listen to these albums:

- Muzai Moratorium
- Shouso Strip

Both released by Shiina Ringo.

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