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I do not swear. I use moisturizer for fun. I sit on a barrel-shaped decorative stool when I use my computer. I have used up several notebooks scribbling away. This dress can’t make me look fat.
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about sakinorva

Katami Fukie 2023/2/23 00:29

What’s Sakinorva? It’s my diary. It’s where I get my thoughts out of my head and put them to words on a webpage. Oh, Sakinorva? It’s my playground. I can make whatever I want wherever I want. Sakinorva! It’s my style, my aesthetic, my color, the clothes I like to wear. Sakinorva, you say? It’s all the stuff I want to show: what I make, adapt, and use. Ah, Sakinorva. Even I don’t really know.

I think everyone should have their own Sakinorva. For some people, it might be a pen-and-paper diary. Maybe a Pinterest board. A Twitter timeline, even. A photo album. A letterbox reserved for pen pals. A painting collection. Posters in your room. Conversations at a bus stop. Your love for your siblings.

This website is a way for me to remember myself. It’s one way for you to remember me.
Thank you for visiting! I hope you enjoy your stay.