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I believe profile blurbs should list trivial facts about you that happen to be unique. I think profile blurbs should be about five to six sentences long. I believe profile blurbs shouldn’t talk about your personal opinions too much. I believe some rules can be broken for the sake of humor.
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Question time: cognitive function domains test

Today, I will respond to some people.This is where I answer questions and comments pertaining to the cognitive function domains test.

The style here will resemble what with “Question Time” for the cognitive function test, so expect questions of all types in here. I won’t be able to answer everything, but I’ll try my best to answer what I can. If you’ve submitted a question/comment through the form, though, it’s likely that I’ve read it if you submitted it before I last updated this page.

I will respond to comments in the original language if I can speak it, otherwise I will respond in English for the sake of accessibility. All comments will be posted in their original language.

last update: 2023/6/13

Better be accurate.
We see this word “accurate” thrown around a lot, but I wish people better understood what it meant… especially when we’re dealing with ~magic~!

Hi admin! i love the new website style! i hope all is going well for you!
Thank you! I appreciate your comment. I’m really glad the redesign is being received well.

I love these! Wooooooo!

+ I find myself on the middle on a lot of things
+ I still have difficulties committing one way or the other with certain questions and end up flipping a coin in my mind.
I felt the same way when I took my test over. That’s sort of how it’s designed; I think that’s how you should feel about a lot of these questions. In fact, there are a few where I’d choose the middle not because I can’t decide between the two extremes, but because I can’t really accept their premises.

fifth time trying to pass this goddamned test
Fifth time’s the charm!

it’s cool to have a test that doesn’t believe in mbti >:)
Phew, at least somebody reads the test info!

can’t wait to take THIS test every month now. HA. srsly thank you so much for everything you do, it’s amazing ^_^. it made me soooo happy to see this new test!!!! i’ve been in a rough patch for a bit and it really made my day.
Super glad it made your day! Thank you for taking my test. I hope you’ve been doing better since. And yes, you’re right! I do love seeing people sign their comments off in here. Knowing that there are real people behind all these rows of data makes me really happy.

These questions is fr long tbh but thats ok
They are! I don’t know how you all do it!

i like this test :)
Thank you for taking it =)

magic level feature and its meaning could be an unfair disadvantage for neurodivergent people taking the test
I’m not neurodivergent myself, so I might be out of my depth here—if so, please correct me. The magical thinking punished by the test relates to scoring high on items that are correspond to what I’d imagined as unrealistic behavior, so I didn’t expect there to be any issues, but I actually think you’re right about neurotypical bias. Looking over it now, I think I’ve been too harsh with my scoring, especially regarding behavior that I think should be perfectly reasonable despite being unusual. I adjusted some questions, removing penalties on “unusual” behavior and adding (or increasing) penalties on “logically unsound” behavior.

Magic level data as of 2023/5/8 19:10
Familiarity with cognitive functions : mean : standard deviation
x : 22.0914 : 10.0384
1 : 22.1706 : 10.2003
2 : 22.9540 : 10.1939
3 : 25.3470 : 10.1288
4 : 25.0641 : 10.1960
2472 rows of data.
New adjustments for reference: 44 -, 60 +, 61 -, 182 ++, 37 -, 38 -, 42 -, 47 +

Saya Ingin agar semua orang berhenti membully saya

Ma reggelire ettem egy nagy almát, az almacsutkát a komódon hagytam. Várom az ebédem, az lesz mint tegnap csak pár dologgal kevesebb.
Reminds me that I need to go eat something. I’m so bad at it.

It’s me
It’s you!

im listening to murders by miracle musical, it’s sooo goooodd
Advanced show tunes? Interesting…

Hello, I like the font […] yeah
Another fan of Times New Roman-Hiragino? Good to hear.

The photographic memory statement seems out of place or too specific for the average test taker to relate to.
About that…

what determines the fate of humanity in this world?
Lots of things. But “the fate of humanity” is a little ambiguous…

I love you (and the font in this comment box) quiz maker!
Now I understand… I am a big MS Gothic/Osaka lover, too. ♡


some of these questions feel unnecessary, like some of them feel like everyone will have the same answer. example, the ’do you wish people would be nicer’ and stuff. idk, i feel like everyone would say yes to that
I agree, there are lots of questions like that. I think this is sort of what comes with the cognitive functions, though—is it really so unique to “notice details” or “value tradition” or “want to explore the world”? I don’t think so, but the cognitive functions like differentiating mundane thinking for whatever reason.

the submit button is disappear. It made me to retake the test, it’s exhausting. Go ahead fix it.
The submit button disappeared?? Very sorry! I really don’t understand how that happened, but I’ll see if there’s any reason for it. Will update this if I manage to reproduce that bug.

We need Chinesr,pleaseeee.
There’s someone working on it!

Negating sentences can be a bit difficult to respond to correctly when doing it continously.
Interesting—I’ll keep that in mind. The one thing I tried with the question syntax this time was wording most items to show “frequent tendencies” rather than use exaggerated or impressionistic language. The test is more “technical” and robotic in how it parses the answers this time around, primarily due to just how many questions there are to deal with here. I don’t remember how this translated into the negativity/positivity divide exactly, but I suppose the onus lies with the test taker to make sure that the questions are being responded to “correctly.”

Un poco canson en las preguntas repetidas
I tried using nuance in sentence structure and word choice to differentiate similarly worded questions that score different functions, but I do think there are place where it is inadequate. This is probably an area that translators should be careful in approaching, too.

Please simplify the words and be straight to the point
I tried to be less arcane with my language this time. If there’s anything you’d specifically like to point out, please e-mail me.

I think your questions are better than the previous test, but still quite ambiguous and “opposite” questions aren’t really opposite.
I don’t really disagree about the ambiguity. It’s mostly intentional. I don’t understand the second point, though. The questions that seem to me like “opposite” questions:
  • You believe in chasing after what makes you happy, not what others say will make you happy.

  • You tend to take things as they are, not forming preconceptions about them.

  • You have good emotional awareness and do not encroach on people’s boundaries.

  • You tend to simply do things by the book, choosing not to be adventurous.

  • You live in the present, not in the past or future.

None of these are meant to be logical opposites, though. The second clauses in these questions that appear to negate their first ones are just ways to clarify what is meant in the first clauses. I might think I agree with chasing what makes me happy along with what other people say will make me happy, but then I would be misunderstanding the question. If I have good emotional awareness but do encroach on people’s boundaries, the nuance is that my “good” emotional awareness necessarily means that I do not encroach on people’s boundaries -- the value judgment “good” is one that I make as someone who agrees with this question. I hope I didn’t misunderstand what you meant!

I’m sorry, but some of the question is a little bit ambiguos and hard to understand. It tooks me full 2 hours to finished this, but if someone get it in 1 full day, i might relate why.
I’m sorry! I know it’s long. I included the save your answers function because I anticipated it would be difficult for people to finish the test in one sitting.

Quiero corroborar resultados de una prueba precisa que hice anteriormente
If you submitted your results for data analysis, you can provide (via e-mail) me with your stated gender, self-reported MBTI and Enneagram types, and a date for when you took the test, and I might be able to send you your results.

I should probably give results IDs, though.

There are lots of sweet comments here that I’d like to include, but it would take up a lot of space. I’ve read all your comments, though, and they really mean a lot to me. Thank you for taking the test!