the inventarium

This is a database dedicated to the cognitive function test available at This is, in essence, the source for everything that goes into the test: questions, answer values, and sets of functions. Think of it as an inventory of the items you'll encounter on the test; if you wish to understand the test better and why it gave you the results it did, this database should have the answers you're searching for.

Questions are created by whitelisted members; these members can add to an averaged pool of responses for the weight each choice bubble on the test gives, and the test will directly pool its values from the database when it starts the test. I can guarantee that every item that I submit to the test will be voted on by at least one person (me) and commented on by at least one person (me).

Translating is publicly available! You may submit translations for any question at any time, and I will approve them for public submission if I see it fit. The test will update as it goes for translated items.

core collection