b for boring but necessary (when i really am in the mood priority)

d for i didn't think this through because it's like why not that too so they aren't real real ideas (low priority)

n for NO i changed my mind (no priority)

h for oh no oh yes oh no oh yes (when i feel like it priority)

i for i want to do this asap!

e for evolved into something else

s for i did it (yay)

l for i did it (kind of??)

things we can do (what a pretty to-do list maybe i'll actually look at it):

readd tritype voting to databank

vote editing and deleting on databank

fix desync error on databank

fix dragging on databank

related entries on databank

advanced search on databank

make mobile databank site

mobile site?

something really crazy and weird like commedia

imabi vocabulary lists

japanese grammar studying? somehow

fix commenting going back to dead page

finnish (very cool)

actual web history of cognitive functions

continue making visual novel

an essay about something i care about

a fun story

something about music?

maybe old lost shiina ringo stuff

that liar text game with the six pictures of the characters

fix the nasty comment formatting on the databank

cognitive function rebuttal compilation (how?)

big dissection of cognitive functions

function rebuttal q&a???? (a much more fun format at least)

making iris cooler (how?)

universal html includes of meta tags

function test version 2!!!!!!

advertising (extremely lame and annoying)

those big image essays/guides

piano improv collection section

more function satire like ichigo-kata but make it good this time

resuscitate the cognitive function database (or merge into the inventarium?)

to-do list iphone app and updater for me (wouldn't that be cool???????)

iris for mobile???

two months later...

article on "you know yourself best... so you type yourself best"

article on perspective on typology tests

typology hell

posting articles and rltd. things around online (ugh)

new typology system revolving around situational attitudes in different environments

get out of here