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Real and Fake Myers-Briggs Test

You will receive 40 questions, 20 of them being "real" (meaning either extracted from Form G/M/Q or conceptually in accordance with Myers-Briggs) test questions and 20 of them being "fake" (extracted from online tests that do not accurately portray or assess the MBTI).

You can select five options per question, where the leftmost choice corresponds to "disagree/no" and the rightmost choice corresponds to "agree/yes." The three options in the middle correspond to only moderate preferences for each side, the middle option being specifically for "no preference for either side." To aid you in remembering this, "yes" and "no" have been labeled on their corresponding columns and have been colored appropriately.

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The following is a list of limiting subconscious beliefs for each type; please choose the appropriate choice for each belief. no yes
#1 Do you cling more to the external world or your internal world?
#2 When making a decision, do you rely more on your feelings than on an analysis of the situation?
#3 Are you inclined to value sentiment more than logic, or value logic more than sentiment?
#4 Do you generally prefer courses that teach concepts and principles, or facts and figures?
#5 Choose between the following: facts or ideas
#6 Are you usually a "good mixer," or rather quiet and reserved?
#7 Would you rather have one great friend or many good friends?
#8 Choose between the following: analyze or sympathize
#9 Do you generally prefer to make your social engagements with some distance ahead, or be free to do things on the spur of the moment?
#10 Do you often wait until a deadline is near to complete a task, or do you get it done in advance?
#11 Are you more quiet or outgoing?
#12 Do you prefer engaging with new ideas and concepts for their own sake, or when they can be applied practically?
#13 Do you usually mingle well with others, or tend to keep more to yourself?
#14 Would you consider yourself more process-oriented or product-oriented?
#15 When making a decision, do you mostly consider what will work best, or what best aligns with your morals or values?
#16 Can it be hard for you to stay focused on the present because you often speculate about several ideas at once?
#17 In planning a trip, would you prefer to most of the time do whatever you feel like that day, or know ahead of time what you will be doing most days?
#18 Do you think first, then act, or do you act first, then think?
#19 Would most people say you are a private person, or a very open person?
#20 Before answering a question, do you take the time to form an answer in your head, or do you come up with an answer as you speak?
#21 Historically, have you been more intrigued by the beauty of things, or the underlying logic or workings of things?
#22 Would you describe your emotional life as rich, nuanced, and complex, or rather straightforward and uncomplicated?
#23 Is it a higher compliment to be called a person of real feeling, or a consistently reasonable person?
#24 Do you prefer things to be scheduled or unplanned?
#25 Would you rather be unconstrained or scheduled?
#26 Would you rather be considered a practical person, or an ingenious person?
#27 Do you feel most like yourself handling practical matters or engaging in your thoughts or imagination?
#28 When considering a situation, do you pay more attention to the current situation or more to a possible sequence of events?
#29 Do you derive satisfaction from starting projects, or finishing them?
#30 In most instances, do you prefer to go with the flow, or follow a schedule?
#31 Which is a higher compliment, to be called competent, or compassionate?
#32 Would you consider yourself more supportive or logical?
#33 Which do you relate to more: being reserved or talkative?
#34 In reading for pleasure, do you enjoy odd or original ways of saying things, or like writers who say exactly what they mean?
#35 Are you more attuned to possibilities or certainties?
#36 Do you more often let your heart rule your head, or your head rule your heart?
#37 When there are last-minute changes, do you plan around them or adapt to them?
#38 Do you tend to think out loud, or think things inside your head?
#39 Is it difficult for you to relax or have fun if your work is not done?
#40 Would you prefer a hands-on project or a conceptual project?
The following questions are optional, but recommended. Please answer truthfully.
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