szero's personality type self-assessment
"on meth u can complete it in less than an hour"

cognitive function test (106 questions)
based around the "cognitive functions," this test calculates a grant/brownsword type, a function axis type, and your most likely myers-briggs type
neo-pi-r (240 questions)
straight from the source, this is the official big 5 test
mbti form q (145 questions)
questions extracted from the step ii data guide; this test does not calculate your results like form q does, but instead places equal weight on each question
real/fake mbti test (40 questions)
mixing questions taken from either poor online tests or straight from the forms, this test calculates a real and a fake myers-briggs type
rheti + mbti (144 questions)
the riso-hudson enneagram type indicator with calculated best estimate myers-briggs results using two different methods
hurley/dobson enneagram test (81 questions)
based on questions posed by katherine dobson and theodore hurley in 1991
rowe enneagram test (306 questions of 846 available)
an extremely long test based around russell rowe's enneagram type descriptions, taking into account limitations, coping strategies, natural gifts, and subtypes; this might be my favorite one?
eun-mi jang's bizarro predictive test (30 long questions)
a test scoring your five factor scales using predictive data extracted from studies surrounding facebook likes and website preferences