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kyoko kirigiri
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INTJ isn't necessarily a bad typing having assumed so earlier on in the game when she was far more closed off and unwilling to engage unless the circumstances absolutely called for it but I think it becomes increasingly clear later that her style is very much indicative of perceiving, especially when she admits that she's been just guessing and trying her luck with the possibilities she has to work with. You may argue it's her intuition clashing with her need to be judging when she makes her conclusions, but throughout the game, Kyoko has been able to readily change her seemingly well thought out decisions extremely easily, suggesting she may not be making actual conclusions in her head in the first place. There's a thin line between making firm decisions and being fickle-minded about them and making tentative decisions while acting firm about them, but I think that's a difference judging vs. perceiving is supposed to hint at with systematic vs. casual, where Kyoko seems very "casual" on the spectrum even though there is room for her being "planful" over "open-ended" and "early starting" over "pressure prompted." Kyoko seems like someone who definitely has perceiving traits with some compensatory judging traits instead of being inherently judging with someone intuition-related perceiving traits.

Detectives do not posses any superpowers. We can't lead ourselves astray by a single, predetermined conclusion. Great detectives consider a great many possibilities inside their heads from the very beginning. We should ignore common sense, prejudices and preconceptions, and start by drawing up every conceivable possibility. Then, as the investigation proceeds, we should put those possibilities under scrutiny.

No... it was just simple reasoning without any proof. It was a gamble. ...Thank god. It seems I got it exactly right. Speaking with an air of confidence is the basis for a good negotiation. Also, had I looked stressed, it would only have made you even more so.

She's extremely methodical and meticulous about her logic, but it's only her intelligence and her strong understanding of reason which would make her appear like a judger. She almost puts up an act of being very "judging" about her decisions while in reality she was much more considerational behind the curtain. Imagine her investigative style in comparison with Byakuya's--even though I think it's fairly easy to tell he's intuitive, he's far more confident in his decisions and acts like his best non-100% chances truly are 100% chances while Kyoko considers them for what they really are.

She's not super perceiving, though, and there's a lot of room for the conscientious side of judging to make its way in. Some of her decisions are definitely fairly judging--related, like how she didn't get Monokuma's hint because she supposedly knew it could only be a distraction so late in the game...but on the flipside, her true reason for not doing so may have been to see how the hint would affect everyone else's decisions, something that may not have seen necessary to reveal to Makoto.

I think she's INT with no discernable preference but if we truly knew her through and through (while being consistent to her character in Trigger Happy Havoc), she could only lean perceiving.

She's also not really a 6 wing at all--she opens up to Makoto after having so little trust in everyone for so long but I think that's just supposed to be more 5 by itself isn't it? She has a hidden emotional side that is very much like that of a 4, and I think it's revealed most towards the end when she enters the headmaster's secret room and enters her whole sequence. I could totally see her scoring highest 5 and 4 on the RHETI.