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jun togawa
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There is a feeling I've had ever since childhood: that there exist many different 'worlds' and I was born in the wrong one, a world I don't quite fit into. I've felt this strong feeling of wrongness all through my life. There is no space for me in this world. Every time I believe I've finally found my place, someone comes to me and says 'Go away! You're not supposed to be here'"

Jun!!! I absolutely adore her--she's probably one of the most eccentric, wacky, raw and frivolous personalities to have ever set foot in the underground idol scene, and she drove, twisted and transformed it to just her liking: from her parodical operatic singing about World War II Japan with Guernica to her dainty lilty schoolgirly carolling about murdering her love to her screaming sessions with Susumu Hirasawa, I would say Jun not only shouted out to the world about her presence but carried around a cult following that was just as engrossed with her eroguro antics as Jun herself was with her music.

But what sets Jun apart from the typical bubbly and flighty pop star is that she's extremely serious. There's a crazy charm to her performing that's just so intentionally funny but there is something so wildly firm about her art that you realize there's a lot more to see than her satirical act. There's a contradictory sense of dour self-expression and crazy humor in her work that would leave you scratching your head, but it's exactly who she is: Jun thinks of herself as a lost soul in a world where she doesn't belong.

I think her enneagram type is extremely clear--she's a quintessential 4. I see her more being a 3 wing because--weirdly enough--I don't really see much of an "introspective" side in her. She makes herself be known and she's showing the world exactly how much of a misfit she really is, and she's actually unusually "out there" for a 4. It's why I don't think she's an introvert either... and it's possibly why her 4-ness looks so out of place.

Jun Togawa is incredibly bold. Her ideas are all over the place, and they're super weird for any conventional idol's. I would even consider her an extravert because of how she presents these ideas: she's just extremely unashamed about who she is and puts her whole self out there. I don't honestly think it's really enough to justify her extraversion but she has small quirks that make me think she can only lean that way--she thinks as she speaks, she lives "in it" (yet simultaneously out of it), and she's extremely self-revealing.

And I think intuition is a given for her: she's all about exploring ideas that others would be disgusted by, and her commentary on the world around her signifies her being a step removed from the immediate and literal. Perceiving seems to be a given here too with how her career is so scattered and varied and exploratory <-- yes that's some intuition mixed in there but I think it does show off that she is definitely strongest in both N and P. I don't think feeling is such a "given" for her but everything her art is about seems to imply that she can only really be F.

I think Jun Togawa is a perfect example of an ENFP 4. She might be sexual first but she probably fits 4 so/sx better than 4 sx/so...maybe if she were a 7 first I would say sx/so. weird how variants work! But she's probably n>p>e>f in mbti