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Real and Fake 16 Personalities Test

You will receive 40 questions, 20 of them being "real" test questions and 20 of them being "fake" (extracted from online tests that do not accurately portray or assess the 16 personalities).

You can select five options per question, where the leftmost choice corresponds to "disagree/no" and the rightmost choice corresponds to "agree/yes." The three options in the middle correspond to only moderate preferences for each side, the middle option being specifically for "no preference for either side." To aid you in remembering this, "yes" and "no" have been labeled on their corresponding columns and have been colored appropriately.

Scroll down to view your results after submitting.

The following is a list of limiting subconscious beliefs for each type; please choose the appropriate choice for each belief. no yes
The following questions are optional, but recommended. Please answer truthfully.
Sex: male female other
Gender: male female other
What Myers-Briggs type do you identify as?
What Enneagram type do you identify as?
Any additional comments?

most likely real 16 personalities type
most likely fake 16 personalities type