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on wings and tritypes

Enneagram tritypes don't make any sense! If you are indeed meant to be a single core enneagram type as a result of your childhood development with a "fear" to drive your motivation, then how can someone have multiple fundamental fears? How do they interact with one another? Riso and Hudson remark on the unintuitiveness of creating types with any wing, commenting that "random mixtures" of contradictory traits do not show up in human personalities, or else there would be no general pattern to observe; I do somewhat agree with this to the extent that contradiction is both observable and recognizable amidst the more fluid side to personality that exists in *most* people. Enneagram types by themselves certainly are fluent in this regard--at the center is a core motivation with sense of personality built around it...but what about wings?

Why do Riso and Hudson hold so much weight to the wings without further justification? It's too difficult to pick out a pattern between the adjacent types: what does 9 share with 8 and 1 that it cannot with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7? I've never read an explanation for it and I can't seem to pick it out myself. And how does parental orientation work its way into it? How about the strengths of each wing?

I think all of that has enough basis for justification, though, since we can identify traits of the wings in us and pick out exactly which one fits better despite not completely identifying with it. It's logically hazy, but Enneagram is meant to be spiritual after all...there isn't a true contradiction in this scenario we deal with that hinders our ability to make use of the system.

Things however become much hazier in tritypes:
~ it isn't possible to be an awb bwc; you must be a bwa in your tritype if you are awb and have b in your tritype, since we can extrapolate that a>b from awb and that c>a from bwc, meaning that b>a, which contradicts with a>b

this occurs in types where wings cross over centers:
8w7: 7w6 cannot be in your tritype
7w8: 8w9 cannot be in your tritype
1w2: 2w3 cannot be in your tritype
2w1: 1w9 cannot be in your tritype
4w5: 5w6 cannot be in your tritype
5w4: 4w3 cannot be in your tritype
this doesn't work vice versa:
7w6: 8w7 is allowed in your tritype since 7>6 and 8>9, 7>9

~ some tritypes would therefore have greater "access" to the rest of the enneagram: 7w6 2w3 9w1 connects with six different types while 4w5 5w4 9w1 only connects with four different types; because certain wings are verboten by law of logic in certain tritypes, do tritypes grant more intrinsic flexibility (in Enneagram terms) to certain people over others? If so, why?

~ integration and disintegration isn't possible with the types that make up your tritype; if they did, then direction would be arbitrary and some tritypes would be granted more movement than others (369 is restricted to its triangle, but 729 has no shared types in movement with 1/5, 4/8, and 3/6)--would that make sense?

And it leaves us with a few questions: ~ How does a tritype meant to manifest in someone? Assuming my tritype is 7w6 2w3 9w1, how does the last 1 show? How do I differentiate it from the 1 in 5-7-1?
~ How are contradictory traits in types reconciled?
~ Why do certain people relate more or less to their entire tritype more than others despite having the same one through direct identification and process of elimination (i.e. I know I'm a 4w3 last in my tritype but I don't relate to it as much as you do, even though you're also an 8w9 5w6 4w3!)?
~ Why are tritypes designated like they are?

And let's tie it back to wings: why do certain wings inherently contradict their core type?
type 1 -> contradicts 9 but can flow well with 2
type 2 -> can flow well with 1 and flows well with 3
type 3 -> flows well with 2 but creates a contradictory archetype with 4
type 4 -> creates a contradictory archetype with 4 but flows well with 5
type 5 -> flows well with 4 and can flow well with 6
type 6 -> can flow well with 5 and creates a contradictory archetype with 7
type 7 -> creates a contradictory archetype with 6 and somewhat contradicts 8
type 8 -> somewhat contradicts 8 and creates a contradictory archetype with 9
type 9 -> creates a contradictory archetype with 8 and contradicts 1

It is undeniable that the Enneagram favors certain movements and types more than others from within with regards to "seamlessness" or "flow," but it's remedied by removing wings and indulging in the spirituality that would necessitate direction into stress and growth (through cursory observation, integration and disintegration movements seem to be far better with personality "flow" than wings seem to be and can be seen as extensions of a type). Wings work if we disregard Riso and Hudson's comment about contradiction and the arbitrariness of attaching any wing to a type; why must a wing be adopted from the two adjacent types instead of the other six? Tritypes are another story, however, and it seems that by using them, we allow a lot of illicit flexibility with the Enneagram that isn't actually compatible with itself.

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