Portrait of the Types as One

0To lull the primigenial corruption
1with which arrives a patterned tide
2to create the holy separation
3that enraptures
4with the balance hidden within its chaos,
(abate, abate)
5what must be imbued
6in strictness defined by our ends
7is the pristine rhythm
8illuminating the essence calling from within.
(pass, pass)
9The saturation,
10the presence,
11the fervor,
12and the clarity
(instill, instill)
13that hides the truth
14the cosmos,
15and all that engulfs the soul
16speaks through the vessel that absorbs as it exists.
xThis is the world.
1+2Create it,
3synthesize it,
4rule it,
5bury it,
6bind it,
7+8and weave through it.
9+10Feel it,
11hold it,
12shape it,
13experience it,
14deduce it,
15+16and let it.