Whee In Hellooooo, everybody. This is Song Whee In reporting live on the newest, juiciest, and wildest happenings from DTV Headquarters and it looks like weíre getting heavy rain? Rain for two weeks, reallyóitís like nothing weíve ever seen before. I kinda canít believe it? Like, eighty inches, and weíre thinkingó

††††††††††† Whee Inís eyes cheekily dart to the side.

††††††††††† óor, Saraboum is thinking, because Iíve got nothing else going on in here [she taps her temple with her index finger] but weíre thinking this might be the biggest rainstorm weíve seen here in a steady two centuries. Gausseloff can attest to that.

††††††††††† Whee In devilishly smiles at a disapproving Gausseloff.


Soreine This seems like something serious.

Metraisse (sighing) Yes.

Soreine Itís not about the rainstorm, is it? Theyíre alló

Metraisse Itís not about the rainstorm.

††††††††††† Pause.

††††††††††† You are not who you say you are, Soreine.

Soreine Huh?

Metraisse This is something you did five years ago.

Soreine Five years ago!

Metraisse Youíve been hiding something from me all this time.

Soreine From five years ago?

Metraisse Look at me.

††††††††††† Soreine complies, looking directly into Metraisseís eyes.

††††††††††† Geltis.

Soreine Geltis.

Metraisse Does that name ring a bell?

Soreine Oh, boy.

Metraisse She told me everything.

Soreine Youíre just gonna listen to Geltis like that?

Metraisse I canít believe you.

Soreine I didnít do it! You really think Geltis knew what was going on? Sheíd have said anything to point fingers at somebody. No one ever listened to my side of the storyóno one ever listened!

Metraisse How do I believe that? The generator. The wires. The will. Why do you refuse to take responsibility? It wasnít her. She was in the hospital. Dying.

Soreine No! There has to be something wrong thereóthere has to be! Thereís no way it just happened like that. They knew I didnít do it. Someone knewó

Metraisse Someone knew?? They only knew it wasnít enough to tell anything. Theyíre so skiddy around real crimes nowadaysóitís ridiculous.

Soreine Itís just how it is now. I didnít do anythó

Metraisse If you werenít guilty, why didnít you tell me before?

Soreine Because I knew you would get just like this, and none of it wouldíve mattered. I know there was something terrible at work that day and I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I thought maybe if we were close enouó

Metraisse Close enough? Close enough? To ease me up to your dreadful testimony? I wonít have itóno≠óI absolutely wonít have it. Iíve been harboring a criminal. Iíve been harboring a criminal in my own house.

Soreine Metraió

Metraisse Ugh! Get out of my sight! Why didnít I know sooner? [she gets up to leave] I should have known. I should have known all this time.


A helpless Soreine is left sobbing alone in the restaurant: confused, heartbroken, and at a loss for words. A criminal? His to-be-fianceť had just learned something that shattered their relationship in a single, climactic moment. But what had she learned? Why was she so convinced? Was Soreine guilty? Stay tuned as I hand it over to our very special Song Whee In.


Whee In Geez, Gausseloff. I didnít see that one comingóbut letís show our viewers whatís coming up next! A third-class launderette caught in a distribution scandal? Six people infected by the flu in the Eastern region? Three crimes being reopened for investigation? How incidentuous! Weíll be right back after a really quick word from our sponsors.


Man on stool #1 The gal is really something, huh?

Man on stool #2 No kidding. Sheís insane.

Barista (from aside) Is this your order?

Man on stool #1 (aside) For Soreine? Yes, that should be me.

Man on stool #2 It all feels too genuine, you know?

Soreine Genuine, huh?

Man on stool Yeah. Like something inside is begging its way out.

Soreine Hm. I see that.

Man on stool You ever get the feeling something incredibly wrong is about to happen?

Soreine Something wrongÖ I canít shake that off either.

††††††††††† He gets up and walks toward the door.

Man on stool Leaving already?

Soreine I remembered something. Later.

Man on stool You donít wanna talk about it?

Soreine exits.

Man on stool Ah. Poor soul.




Girl #1 But arenít you confused?

Girl #2 Iíll find the answers.

Girl #1 Weíve tried. Have we ever gotten anywhere?

Girl #2 We? No. But youíve tried, and youíve definitely gotten somewhere.


Girl #1 What do I know?

Girl #2 Itís something to do with Faverneís suicide. At some point, Pullopy definitely remembered three people. Faverne, herself, and someone else.

Girl #1 Pullopy clearly misremembered. She says there were two people.

Girl #2 Shireia, something shady is going on and you being caught right in the middle of it canít be a coincidence. At some point in time, Pullopy definitely remembered three people in that room, even though thatís long gone. It doesnít make sense that someone could imagine another completely different person in the room and then forget them immediately.

Shireia Then letís assume there was a third person. Why are you so convinced itís me?

Girl #2 I think the third person did exist, they would have to be the Note Taker.

Shireia Wow! Even after Nebirel presented all that about Laverne? Please go onÖ I wanna be in on this, too.

Girl #2 Shireia, donít you think itís weird that everything we know about the Note Taker has shown only where weíd be looking for Laverne?

Shireia Weird? Iíd think that only shows Laverne and the Note Taker are more likely to be the same person.

Girl #2 But outside of where the Laverne investigation (quote-unquote motion) takes place? The Note Taker doesnít exist.

Shireia So what?

Girl #2 Itís abnormal, thatís what. Itís not that they just happen to overlap, but that all evidence of a Note Takerís existence follows Laverneís suicide. Itís too perfect to not be a set-upÖ like somebodyís waiting for someone to make a connection between Laverne and the Note Taker.

Shireia Thatís a big, big reach, Whee In. Because all the evidence points toward a certain conclusion, the conclusion must be fabricated?

Whee In But wait! Thereís more. Letís consider the circumstances next, shall we? Itís hard to believe things are straightforward like that when weird, weird things keep happening. Shireiaóthe Note Taker makes Laverne look uncomplicated. Someone who you would never imagine being able to conspire with someone else. What the Note Taker tells us about Laverne doesnít actually tell us anything we couldnít figure out already about the suicide. And our takeaway from the Note Taker pushes us to be more suspicious of Pullopy, who we can put the blame on all too conveniently.

Looking at it that way, the Note Taker is just trying to bring things off track, and if there were any one person who would be able to do thisÖ it would have be you.

         Shireia sighs.

Shireia Whee In, I really admire that you can entertain possibilities like that, but what would be the motive in tangling up a situation that far? Imagine all the energy that would go into doing such a thing. It needs to be justified.

Whee In Exactly. We donít have answers to things we definitely should have answers to. What I know tells me that something very uncomfortable is being covered up and I need to know what that is.

Shireia Why? What if it were worth protecting?

Whee In Because I know thereís nothing worth protecting from me.

††††††††††† Thereís nothing worth protecting from me.

††††††††††† Itís none of your business.

††††††††††† I need to know.

††††††††††† You only need to know why this stays buried.

††††††††††† I have to tell everyone about it.

††††††††††† Stop taking matters into your own hands. Take a hint.

††††††††††† Why wonít you tell me? Iím this close.

††††††††††† Because you wonít be able to get closer.

††††††††††† Iíll do it.

Soreine You couldnít, Whee In.

Whee In Iím too close for your comfort.

Soreine Youíre right. Youíve come closer than I could ever imagine anyone coming.

Whee In Then why?

Soreine Because youíre a loudmouth.

Whee In What?

Soreine And Iím afraid.

Whee In Youíre afraid?

Soreine I donít know what will happen to you. Things keep getting worse, Whee In. I care too much about you to tell you anything.

Whee In How much worse? How much more covering can you endure? Weíre all aware.

Soreine But itís what youíre aware of that matters. It isnít enough. You can keep fighting all you want, but the truth ran away from you long ago.

Whee In Iím willing to suffer the consequences.

Soreine And Iím not willing to let other people get hurt because of that.


Whee In Just you watch, Soreine. Iím going to find out everything about Laverne and Limnia and everyone else.

Soreine Then what?

Whee In Iím going to show everybody who killed them.

         Wonít you, Whee In?

         Wonít you?

         Are you listening?

         Whee In!

         Whee In!

Whee In Oh, oops. Of course. Whereís the report?

         Whee In lazily grabs a hold of a pile of documents. She squints.

Whee In (in exasperation) Is this really true?

Gausseloff Does it matter? Weíre going live in a couple. Get ready.

Whee In Hm.


         Gausseloff beckons her impatiently: Youíre live!

Whee In Ladies and gentlemen, today marks a special day. Iím Song Whee In about to deliver a very special report. Sit tight, because Iím ready to unveil a story no news agency, investigative division, or law enforcer would ever want you to know. This is the truth behind the murders of Evo Geltis, Shireia Hakisiria, and Limnia Sheir.


Palpitations of a Bleeding Heart





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SHEIR Limnia

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KARPY Nebirel

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SONG Whee In


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Fennett Oh, lordy.

Heckelbrick Oh, bother.

Fennett Thatís a tangled mess, isnít it?

Heckelbrick Itís a mighty tingled mess, yup, yup.

Fennett You gonna just stick to it like that?

Heckelbrick Stick to it like pancake goo?

Fennett Pancake goo, sap in the loo, and marinated poo. Yup, yup.

Heckelbrick They gotta teach Ďem a lesson, yíknow?

Fennett Oh, no, absolutely.

Heckelbrick Itís nasty. You give Ďem moth balls, and they eat it.

Fennett But howís the girl doing?

Heckelbrick Fine? Fine, I guess.

Fennett Why do we gotta talk about SONG Whee In anyway?

Heckelbrick Man.


Heckelbrick You see that soaring eagle?

Fennett Thatís a fine catch.

Heckelbrick Letís take that one back to the lodge, yeah?

Fennett Weíll be out here for hours tryiní to catch that thing.

Heckelbrick Hey, we got time to kill. Get yourself one of them glass minnows and sit right over there.

Fennett Alright, alright. Lemme turn on the radio.


Breaking news. Tragedy in Hulmissary. Local edusecond teacher Evo Geltis dies in freak multi-lightning strike accident. Struck five times before collapsing. Witnesses recall strange weather patterns. One reports that the clouds ďcame circling in as if to target him.Ē An investigation has since been deployed to search for possible foul play.


Soreine Weird.

Nebirel Whatcha thinking?

Soreine Just weird.

Nebirel Yeah?

Soreine Theyíre stirring things up.

Nebirel Yeah.

Soreine Itís not true, butÖ it still hurts really bad.

Nebirel Poor Geltis.

Soreine PoorÖ Geltis.

††††††††††† Soreine begins to sob.

††††††††††† Karps, Iím not sure if I can ever forgive myself for this.

Nebirel Huh?

Soreine [crying] Itís all my fault.

Nebirel Whoa. You okay? What do you mean?

Soreine I think it was me, Karps. I feel like I killed him.


Shireia Weíll have to say it someday, Soreine.

Soreine When the circumstances call for it?

Shireia Of course. But I get this feeling that itíll happen soon.

Soreine Just a feeling? Thatís not so much like you.

Shireia (laughing) Itís unlike me enough to mean something, donít you think?

Soreine (also laughing) Probably.

Shireia I just wonder which of us will be the one who does it.

Soreine Iíd like to think of myself as more of a truth teller.

††††††††††† The bell rings.


Whee In Ahh! I didnít think there would be someone in here.

††††††††††† A blank-eyed boy looks up at Whee In.

Blank-eyed boy Oh. Iím sorry. I can leave if you want.

Whee In Oh, no, no. Itís not a problem. Iím just really surprised. I donít think Iíve seen you before. Are you from the lower grade? I donít know the new faces too wellÖ

Blank-eyed boy Yeah.
††††††††††† Yeah, the lower grade. I transferred in a few days ago.

Whee In Wow! Lower and a transfer student. No wonder Iíve never seen you before! Iím Whee In from Class 14.

Blank-eyed boy Iím Laverne.

Whee In Nice to meet you, Laverne.

Laverne Yeah.

Whee In What brings you here in the projector room?

Laverne Nothing.

Whee In Nothing at all?

Laverne Iím looking for something.

Whee In Something we can find in the media closet?

Laverne (looking down) Not really.

Laverne begins to play with his hands, tracing letters and numbers on the desk as Whee In watches beside him.

Whee In Am I bothering you?

Laverne Not really.

Whee In Have you made any friends yet?

Laverne Hm. Not really.


Whee In tries to engage with the silent Laverne, but he seems far too engrossed in his activities to even hear the questions coming out of her mouth. Whee In eventually lets him be, eating her lunch as Laverne occupies himself.