ivlisia how long do you think we'll be trapped inside?
ittel it's all up to him.
that's not fair.

is there anything wrong with me?
there is absolutely nothing wrong with you.
i don't think there's anything wrong with you, either.

ittel i hope not.

timpani. curtains draw stage right, hiding ittel. lights go out. ivlisia exits. a spotlight shines from behind curtains, casting a circle on the wall: ittel's shadow. executioner's shadow appears. syringe's shadow appears. injection. the spotlight goes out.

the lady in the sun hat tells me her name is fanchause. fanchause! i think i have that spelled right, don't i? f-a-n-c-h-a-u-s-e? i now know she can't be just part of my imagination. could i have ever come up with a name like that? the lord would understand.

here's a fun story: in my dream last night, there was something wrong with the trains. they just weren't coming, i think. but all of a sudden, everybody began freaking out. i had no idea what was happening, but i ran as my father grabbed me and began leading me somewhere. i realized it when we arrived and missed the a train. that same a train went by before and i didn't notice it, and we were just moving to the right platform. strange, isn't it? did i make up my mind about what was happening beforehand and consciously not know what was going on, or did i improvise the reason in the end? i have no idea!