# scene (title/events) the big theme / notes order # ordering notes
1 Fennett and Heckelbrick: Fishing Scene #1 The Tragedy
In a world engulfed by peace and prosperity, a catalyst for doom remains dormant. With the news brought by "the Source," an unknown entity that claims to have the ability to prophesy, it is made clear to the audience -- Soreine -- that the Tragedy will strike first in Hulmissary, a small town located in the Northern region. It is described as a quick-moving succession of catastrophes, starting with small crimes and eventually building up to disastrous massacres. Apparently, the only person who can stop it is Song Whee In, and it becomes Soreine and Shireia's mission to stall the tragedy and protect her at all costs until she is able to realize herself and prevent it from happening.

Shireia's fatal value:
to protect
Soreine's fatal value:
to stall
Whee In's fatal value:
to show
  ~ notes ~
Everything that takes place in an act must be resolved within the act. No information can be
missing in an act.

Order of illumination:
Whee In

This order represents the "revealing" of the stories behind each character. They are presented as
layers, where each layer peeled off illuminates an entirely different story altogether to the reader.
- Whee In's story is
accessible from the get-go.
- Soreine's story begins to reveal itself once the intonation of his guilt disappears.
- Shireia's story appears after Shireia is made out to be the big villain
(breaking scene: Shireia running after Limnia, then rewind)
Limnia's story appears after everything else with Whee In, Soreine, and E2Shireia reveals itself. This may be a Fennett and Heckelbrick scene.

Act 1:
Defaming Soreine:
~ Initial scene setting him up
~ Whee In trying to find answers: the precedent (scenes with Shireia and Soreine about "the truth")
Fennett and Heckelbrick: The Fish
~ Soreine crying to Nebirel, "confessing" to it
~ (briefly) Shireia and Soreine discuss how they can "show the truth"
~ Whee In and Soreine's talk after investigating Geltis' house
eases into… Soreine's innocence: scenes from Soreine of visiting Geltis' garage in anticipation
~ Daily life and relationships
(ease into Whee In and Laverne's relationship -- pre-Shireia losing control over the persona)
~ The Source's Introduction (scenes of Soreine and Shireia learning about the Tragedy)
~ Whee In and Laverne -- scenes where Shireia has lost control
Defaming Shireia:
~ Note Taker scene: Shireia's perspective
~ Staging a murder for Evo Geltis
~ Randomness scene
~ Context revealing Shireia as Laverne
~ Poisoning the glasses
eases into… Shireia's innocence: rewind back to everything Shireia had been involved in and retell the perspective

Act 1.5:
~ Limnia's perspective being told at last, revisiting scenes
eases into… reporter Whee In
~ Reporter Whee In becomes more central
~ Struggling with learning from the Source and anticipating the right time to act

Act 2:
~ Fennett and Heckelbrick reveal themselves as the source
~ Reveal to Whee In
~ Whee In waits for the right time
~ Whee In shows
2 Meeting the Source - Soreine's Mission
Soreine is told about the Tragedy, his fatal value and his power.
3 Meeting the Source - Talking to Shireia
Soreine tells Shireia about the source, the power, the fatal value, and the Tragedy
3.5 Conversation about Hulmissary
Soreine wonders about the circumstances. Why Hulmissary? Why Soreine? Why was it his responsibility to stall the Tragedy? Who would stop it from happening? Was he just a piece in the puzzle? He talks to Shireia about it, who revels in his confusion.
4 Shireia's Awakening
Shireia realizes that knowing about the Source awakened a power. She experiments with her power: the ability to temporarily turn into "Laverne," another form of her being.
5 Whee In and Laverne #1
Whee In meets Laverne in an empty classroom, someone who she had never seen before. Calling herself a new transfer student, Laverne shows herself to be stoic, pensive, and bit depressive.
6 Testing Laverne
As Shireia uses her Laverne alter ego more and more, she begins to indulge in its consciousness. Slowly but surely, Laverne is becoming a separate person.
6.1 Planning for the Embassy
Geltis tells the class that they will be graduating soon, and that they will need to go on a trip to the Northern Embassy in order to potentially receive their Coming-of-Value Licenses and possibly their job placements.
7 Whee In and Laverne #2
Laverne opens up more to Whee In, talking about things he likes. Whee In senses a deep sadness stirring within him.
Overcoming Shireia
Shifting into Laverne slowly descends into the involuntary side of things as Shireia continues to use him as she pleases. She becomes less aware of her conversations with Whee In as Laverne and slowly begins to slip away from the scene.
8 Whee In and Laverne #3
Laverne begins to cry one meeting, citing instances of abuse and lack of self-control. At this point, Shireia is completely detached from the Laverne persona, who has essentially become his own person.
9 Whee In and Laverne #4
Laverne comes with good news: he no longer feels tied down by his oppressors. Whee In expresses happiness at his getting better and hopes that it will last.
10 Shireia's Protection
Shireia sets out to fulfill her fatal value, to protect, by making sure that what she values does not escape her grasp. She ponders about what she will be eventually protecting, but no answers come to her yet. Shireia understands that fulfilling the true purpose of her fatal value would mean having to embody it within herself and protect all that she can.
The Source's Exposition
The tragedy can be stopped by one means only, and it means protecting somebody
11 Shireia's Confession
Shireia confesses to Soreine about her newfound power in desperation. She cries out for help from the power of Laverne's vessel. Leaving, the Source informs Shireia that confessing was the right thing; however, the inevitable has only slowed down. The next shift into her alter ego will prove very dangerous to Shireia. The Source reassures her that Laverne can be killed. in a panic, Shireia formulates a plan to get rid of Laverne, writing a note.
11.1 Talking with Whee In
Soreine has a casual conversation with Whee In about her garden -- lots of tomatoes? Whee In gives him an approving gesture.
12 Limnia's Unholy Discovery
The Source finds Limnia Sheir and gives her a fatal value to call her own: "to disrupt." A frightening image of her family, bloodied and ripped apart, floods Limnia's conscience. The Source urges Limnia to disrupt Song Whee In and her two guardians, Soreine Gelbour and Shireia Hakisiria.
13 Shireia's Last Transformation
Shireia had unwittingly stayed behind after school to sort out club documents and now finds herself transforming into Laverne. She quickly pulls out the note she had written earlier. Pullopy walks into the room. The Source calls out to Shireia: Pullopy will forget. They chat very briefly as Shireia and Pullopy… then Shireia becomes Laverne. He reads the note and immediately stabs herself in the stomach, crying as he twists the knife inside himself. When Shireia comes to, Pullopy is gone and Laverne is sprawled across the floor. Shireia sobs. (She silently leaves the scene.)
The note reads:
Do you know who you are? Do you know what it means to protect someone? Do you know what it means to live for another? You've taught me so much. You may not have liked me, but I'm indebted to you. Thank you for being a part of me.
14 Whee In's Lamentation
Pullopy leads Whee In to the classroom after finding her right outside. A horror-struck Whee In immediately starts bawling looking at her new friend's dead body. Between her sobs, Pullopy begins to recount what had happened. Most notably, Pullopy briefly mentions the presence of three people in room… but quickly corrects herself and remembers only two. Thrown off by the inconsistency, Whee In pays more attention to the scene. She finds Shireia's note and begins to sob once again; however, she has a strange feeling of doubt reading the note. Perhaps it wasn't a letter from Faverne to Whee In.
Mirror scene:
Shireia is watching the scene from outside.  She takes note of Whee In examining the note and assuming it was meant for her. Going by a peculiar gut feeling, Shireia makes bait notes that seem to "follow up" on the first note. She retraces her steps and places the notes in places that she had been to. Pullopy's story seems to follow along it fairly well, and Shireia wonders how that will play out. She is beginning to realize what it may be that she needs to protect.
15 Whee In's Clues
Following along Pullopy's testimony, Whee In walks from room to room searching for clues that may help aid her in the investigation. She finds four different notes in four rooms that traveled along the route she would have imagined Laverne to follow along based on Pullopy's story. Whee In notes three things: the handwriting on the other notes is sloppier than the first one, the messages seem to suggest that they were written by Laverne, addressed to Whee In, and referring to Pullopy as a perpetrator, and that the language seemed too complicated for Laverne to have written.
The four notes:
Confusing, confusing, confusing, confusing. I'm confused.

I don't like this. I'm being followed by something. Someone. It feels malicious. If I stay too long, it might eat me alive.

What does it mean to be free? What does it mean to be chained? It doesn't seem right anymore. It may never seem right anymore.

Thank you. I wish I could say that. It doesn't ever work. It seems so simple, but it's so different. 
16 The Meeting
The following day Whee In holds a meeting about Laverne's death, presenting the notes. In a discussion led by Nebirel and Limnia, the conclusion is that the notes do indeed belong to Faverne and that Pullopy must be questioned. Whee In isn't convinced and expresses her frustration in no one considering her unusual claim, instead wanting to drop the case altogether. With the suicide kept under wraps, talk of Laverne is kept to a minimum.
17 Confrontation
After an episode of critical thinking, Whee In confronts Shireia, believing her to have been involved with the scene somehow. Shireia secretly had been craving this moment, but does not let Whee In on the secret, instead calling her out for not having enough evidence and referring to Laverne as sad and suicidal. Whee In lashes out at her, making Shireia aware of the reality of their relationship and asking her to consider the wild possibility of the Note Taker being her based on what she already knew. Whee In claims that she is simply following her gut, which she corrects to "a voice of truth preventing something bad from happening," raising Shireia's eyebrows. "I just know I have to look harder." Whee In expresses her desire to expose the truth and show everyone this truth, and Shireia gets thinking.
From Shireia's Perspective
Shireia wants to test Whee In after noticing her conviction in telling everyone what she knew and getting to the bottom of things. Whee In's refusal to accept the conclusion that made the most sense intrigued Shireia. To Shireia, it was as though Whee In would be willing to believe something supernatural having happened if that is where the truth led her to.
18 Limnia and Whee In
Limnia asks Whee In about Faverne, and Whee In opens up to her about their relationship. As soon as Whee In mentions how she won't give up on the investigation until she's sure of the evidence, Limnia gets ticked off and lashes out at her, telling her that the line ends here. They argue, and Limnia walks out.
This is Limnia acting out her fatal value, "to disrupt." However, this scene does not suffice as fulfillment.
19 A Timely Discussion
Shireia and Soreine meet, discussing the Laverne case and Whee In's involvement. Shireia explains that Whee In cannot -- under any circumstances -- learn about the Source, but that Whee In's thought process utilizes her imagination in a way that may lead her to finding out all about it. Shireia understands to some extent that she must protect Whee In from the truth.
This isn't a conscious realization. Shireia only knows that protecting Whee In from the truth is something that falls in accordance with her fatal value, but at this stage, she hasn't given it much thought.
21 A Dreadful Prophecy
After the meeting, the Source hints to Soreine that someone will die on the way to the Northern Embassy and that it would mark the beginning of the tragedy. A stressed out Soreine remembers his fatal value: this is what it means "to stall." 
Another note:
This is Soreine realizing the purpose of his fatal value. He has known that his fatal value is "to stall" the Tragedy, but he now knows how to stall it. Shireia is still unsure about what is to be protected and how the Tragedy weaves its way into it.
22 Raindrops and Thunder
Soreine plans to use his power for the first time. Soreine discusses it with Shireia: he'll manipulate the weather to gather a massive thunderstorm over Hulmissary -- enough that the trip would have to be canceled no matter what. Shireia laughs at the absurdity of the plan but accepts it.
23 Muddy Illumination
Soreine and Shireia are talking once again to gather their thoughts. Soreine explains to Shireia how his own fatal value ties into the Tragedy and how he must play his part in working against it. Shireia agrees that he understands his role perfectly. They discuss Shireia's fatal value, "to protect," and are confused by its meaning. Shireia wonders if the time hasn't come for her to fulfill her role, seeing as protecting from the Tragedy doesn't make sense to her given everything she already knows. Soreine agrees, but encourages her to keep trying to fit the fatal value into all of its possible contexts lest they slip up at the wrong moment. Shireia vows to do this.
24 Newspaper Advertising
Whee In is distributing school newspapers flashily, specifically advertising the puzzle game she made on the back page. Shireia, grabbing a newspaper, is fascinated by the puzzle, a two-layered version of hashiwokakero in which the two layers meet at a certain point.
The game is reminiscent of the two different worlds they live in -- separated by connected through a common vessel -- which is why Shireia is so captivated by Whee In's hashi.
25 Randomness
Shireia takes Whee In into an empty classroom and asks her to play a game. Her intention is to see if Whee In is aware of the Source and trying to drop hints of its existence. Shireia wants to play lalta, but her twist: she sets the game up as though it had been ongoing for thirty minutes with herself in a losing position. The condition: they cannot talk. For every piece taken, a second-level request can be made of the other person relating to the game, which would normally be determined by a dice roll. The winner will be allowed to make a third-level request of their opponent: a request that goes beyond the game. Information, which Whee In will find tempting. In an intense match, Shireia's resolve to protect Whee In proves stronger than Whee In's quest to uncover the truth behind Laverne's death; Shireia wins. Her request is simple: what binds the vessel in Whee In's game to both sides of the board? Whee In is confused by her question but tries her best with it.
Shireia's motive: probe Whee In and see if she knows about the Source
Whee In's motive:
get information about Laverne's death

The randomness factor:
In lalta, players generally decide to do second-level requests based on dice rolls; get above a certain number after a move (first-level request) and you will be allowed to perform a second-level move on the "metaboard." Shireia's proposition is to perform second-level moves only on piece-taking moves and asks Whee In whether or not she would want to include an additional dice roll here. Cue lecture on randomness.
26 Action!
4 pm. Soreine gets going with his plan the moment school ends, turning a clear sky into a dreadful thunderstorm. Whee In, doing work under a tree, catches sight of the most peculiar gathering of clouds she had ever seen; clouds that seemed to appear out of nowhere darken within a couple of minutes. It begins to thunder as rain pours down violently.
26.1 Pullopy's Encounter
9 pm. Pullopy is walking home from a restaurant when she catches sight of a figure getting drenched in the rain. The figure is violently shaking, as though concentrating on something to the point where one would begin to detach from their surroundings. Upon approaching the figure, Pullopy realizes that it is Soreine; she panics and covers him with her umbrella, asking him what he's doing out in the rain. Soreine is speechless; Pullopy tries to walk him home but Soreine wants to resist and concentrate. Pullopy "nags" him some more and Soreine loses it: he unleashes his anger out on her, telling her that he's fine this way and doesn't need any help. The rain stops temporarily. Lightning begins to strike everywhere, provoked by his rage. Pullopy runs away in tears as Soreine gets mad at himself for getting emotional. He passes out.
These scenes occur simultaneously.    
26.2 Evo Geltis' Death
Evo Geltis realizes that he had forgotten the milk he had bought earlier in his car. He takes his umbrella and goes outside, walking down the hill toward where his car was parked. All of a sudden, the rain stops and lightning strikes down from the heavens; his umbrella is struck first. More lightning comes down, aiming near him as if to attack him. Geltis is struck five times in succession.
26.3 The Caretaker
Shireia has been secretly watching Soreine. She is hiding behind the house, watching Soreine struggle to keep the rain going. She watches Geltis leave the house at exactly the wrong time and looks on in horror as the lighting kills him. A grieving Shireia rushes to Geltis helplessly, realizing that he passed away in the episode. Soreine, now passed out, never learns that Shireia sets up the scene to provide room for the death to look like a murder, placing a metal wire and a knife in his garage right next to a generator. Shireia recieved the garage door keys from Geltis' pocket; she carefully casts it in the tomato garden, wondering if Whee In may take the bait.
This scene spans scenes 26 to 26.2.    
30 Gloomy Day
Investigators ignore the case and attribute it to the lightning attacks that Pullopy and Soreine attested to. More stubborn ones pressed them further about the strange weather phenomenon but figured that the umbrella acted as a lightning rod. Case closed.
31 Sick to the Stomach
Soreine talks to Shireia in an emotional episode. Soreine knows he is to blame and insists that he murdered Evo Geltis. Soreine takes it a step further and says that he wants to confess to it. Shireia strongly advises against it -- who would listen? Who would understand? Who could show the world the horrible truth? Shireia continues: maybe the horrible truth doesn't involve Soreine to begin with. Geltis' death may have been an inevitable fact of life that Soreine wasn't a part of.
Whee In can!    
32 Limnia and Whee In #2
Limnia asks Whee In about Geltis: what do you think happened? Whee In reacts sourly, stressing that she doesn't know anything yet. But that's a lie, she realizes -- the clouds moved eerily quickly and as though they had been conjured out of thin air. She tells this to Limnia, who (stupidly) tries to distract her. Whee In catches this and ends their conversation abruptly.
32.1 Pondering with Whee In
Whee In decides to go to Geltis' house, where some stubborn private investigators seem to want to make something more out of the scene. Whee In walks over to his garden, appreciating the tomato plants. Tossed in the tomato garden, she finds a key. She immediately becomes suspicious, knowing that it must have been placed by someone who is aware of her fondness for tomatoes (any classmate). She silently takes the key and walks away from the scene.
32.2 Faith
Soreine revisits the scene where Geltis died, hoping to find a lead that removed the burden of murder placed onto him by his power. Nothing like that seems to exist, and it drives Soreine insane. The private investigators begin to clear up.
33 Met By Chance
Whee In goes back to the scene now that the investigators are gone. Soreine is there. They talk; Whee In opens the garage door to search for clues. Soreine does not mention anything to do with the Source, but the evidence "clears" his head. He finds relief in the crime scene set up, realizing that the circumstances were complicated and that he may not have been involved after all. He blames the Source, silently vowing to never use his power again. Whee In is much more fixated on the clues left behind, realizing that the set up itself was left behind by someone -- is it Shireia? Whee In asks Soreine about her whereabouts during the scene, but he has no answer for her.
33.1 Falling Sick
On the way back to school, Soreine falls extremely sick. He instead walks home, lying on his bed for the remainder of the day.
33.2 Shireia's Interlude
The Source contacts a distraught Shireia about the upcoming death of a classmate. Shireia tries her best to contain her anger, but calls out to the Source: what good does it do to try and pretend you're saving someone when you'll kill another to get there? The Source never responds, leaving her clueless.
38 Fennett and Heckelbrick: Frustration and
39 Limnia's Plight
Visions of tragedy grow stronger in Limnia. She realizes that she isn't "disrupting properly" and that she must take more extreme measures to cause a disruption. 
40 Turning the Corner
Limnia catches sight of Shireia in the hallway and acts out her plan. She enters a classroom, turns on the fans to "block out the noise" and gathers Shireia's attention with a groan. She then whsipsers about poisoning "her" drink, alluding to a description that matches Whee In. Shireia tries unlocking the door to no avail.
40.1 Turning the Corner #2
Shireia gets the door open, but no one is inside anymore -- the window is open. She peers outside; the drop is too high to risk and nobody is in sight.
Mirror scene:
Limnia opens the window and climbs upward -- and through an open window. Phew!
42 Pangs of Death
Limnia's dreadful visions transform into lucid nightmares that inflict physical pain upon her. Disrupting like this will only be a temporary solution to a lingering problem -- Limnia decides that she will really poison "her" drink… as well as the target, Song Whee In. She walks over to the lab and finds a convenient bottle of aconite.
43 The Supplementary Drink Gathering
A vigilant Shireia, suspecting the to-be victim is Whee In, sits down next to Whee In at the Supplementary Drink Gathering, also known as lunchtime. The server comes around and gives them their respective drinks. Shireia talks to Whee In, trying to get her excited enough to switch the glasses under her nose. When she finally receives the opportunity to do so, Limnia shrieks from across the room. It's all true! she says. Limnia proceeds to explain that she overheard a conversation in one of the classrooms about poisoning someone who fit Whee In's description. Stunned, Shireia pleads innocent and drinks from Whee In's (that Whee In has right now) glass to prove that she was only protecting Whee In from the poisoner. Shireia hesitates to pin the blame on Limnia and decides against it, believing that doing so will only make things messier; she only needs to protect Whee In, and removing a possible threat to secure that sense of protection is a line Shireia has never crossed. 
Limnia is only the biggest suspect, and deciding to pin it on her in the midst of this uncertainty could be a dangerous thing to do. Shireia, however, has a startling realization: the glass she drank from was poisoned, too. Limnia walks away to "fetch a new glass," and Limnia disappears past the deafening crowd before Shireia can react. Limnia! is all Shireia can shout as she runs after her, spilling both her own and Whee In's drinks before she sets off. 
45 Passing of Time
Shireia vomits and collapses. A crowd gathers around her and she is rushed to the hospital. Whee In cries, knowing that Shireia had just risked her life to protect her. Limnia seems to have disappeared entirely.
46 Taken Away
Whee In, about to walk home after a traumatic day, decides instead to visit Shireia, avoiding the small, concerned crowd behind her. However, the moment Whee In finds herself alone, she is blindfolded and her mouth is covered. Despite her striggling, the captor -- Limnia -- binds her arms and legs, silently taking her away into her father's pod. After about an hour of waiting, she goes back to the school. Limnia's own pain slowly begins to cede. She goes into the classroom where she had whispered about the poison.
46.1 Shireia's Realization
Shireia on a hospital bed: The Source warning me about the death of a classmate was a call to fulfill my own fatal value. Perhaps the purpose of my power was to utilize it to fulfill my responsibility. My true purpose in this sequence is to protect Song Whee In -- not from the truth, but from those who wish her harm. This is because Song Whee In is probably the one meant to stop the Tragedy, and she must be unaware of this. Song Whee In is carrying the greatest burden of us all, and she is more than clearly worthy of it. The Tragedy and everything leading up to it -- at last -- may begin to make sense from this angle. It makes perfect sense. I must protect Song Whee In.
46.2 Last Call
The Source taps into Shireia's relieved consciousness, brimming it with worry once again: Whee In has been kidnapped, and she is at the school in the whispering classroom. Shireia does not hesitate. She removes the devices placed on her, gets up from her bed, vomits, then grabs a knife from a drawer. All set, Shireia escapes through the window and grabs a hold of a pod. She sets course for the school.
46.3 Murder in the Whispering Classroom
Shireia opens the door to the whispering classroom, surprised to find it unlocked. Where she expected Whee In to be, she instead finds Limnia. Limnia pretends to be oblivious, but Shireia has none of it: she jumps on her with the knife. Limnia fights back as Shireia cries out for Whee In. Shireia stabs Limnia to death. Unperturbed, Shireia screams out for Whee In once again, ramming open the closet doors. She finds Whee In tied up and sets her free with the little strength she has left. Shireia feels her breath shortening and her throat constricting. She begins to sob… then cry… then rasp. Whee In cries in succession, shocked, helpless, and sad like she has never been before. Shireia asks Whee In what her primary value is. "To show," she replies. "I have to show the world the horror endured by those who deserve it the least." Shireia smiles. She assures Whee In that she will understand so much more about herself and the world they live in now that she is in touch with this primary value; she urges Whee In to talk to Soreine; and she urges her to do the right thing and listen to her heart. They embrace… and Shireia cries herself away. Shireia dies from Limnia's aconite dose. 
50 Prying
Whee In tells the investigators the truth, but makes a point that Shireia knew she was in danger because of the poisoning incident and that her intuition may have led her to make this fatal decision. The investigators consider this far-fetched, but the evidence from all sides is inconclusive. They decide to close the case right then and there.
Whee In realized something:
How did Shireia know she had been kidnapped?
51 True Despair
Limnia's family is found dead, and by appearance, from poisoning.
52 Statement
The media recieves a distorted story: Shireia had been invited to Limnia's for dinner, but the food was accidentally poisoned. Limnia and Shireia went back to school to try and find an antidote, but died before it was possible to do so.
53 Fennett and Heckelbrick: Pure Anger      
54 (not done yet!!!! 17 more lines from original outline lo go)