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pako @
After somebody told me that I should try to learn Japanese again, I had a crazy idea--why not make a Japanese learning tool on my website? I think this was my first time setting up an SQL-database-grabbing-and-comparing form, too, so I learned a lot about that stuff even though the final product didn't really end up being of much use. I think anyone with an extremely basic understanding of Japanese could manipulate their way through pako with little trouble.
heol @
Illusioned by my excitement in getting something like pako to work, I eventually made a Korean carbon-copy of it. It's not very useful and I can comfortably say that it fails miserably as a learning tool.
joyo @
I forget what prompted me to make joyo, but this might be the best learning tool I've used for Japanese until now. Not that I've really used any learning tools! But I learned about 400 kanji in a day this way and even though I forgot most of those a week later, all that matters is that it worked. But a word of caution—if you're learning Japanese, I would strongly recommend using the word table and memorizing the readings for the kanji you see in context. Learning kanji in isolation is... not very helpful.
Also, I added a rating system to this one. If you ever wondered how I could ever muster the patience to learn 400 kanji in a day, there's your reason.
joyo for kyouiku grades 1-3 w/ table
joyo for kyouiku grade 1 w/ table
joyo for kyouiku grade 2 w/ table
joyo for kyouiku grade 3 w/ table
joyo for kyouiku grades 4-6 w/ table
joyo for kyouiku grade 4 w/ table
joyo for kyouiku grade 5 w/ table
joyo for kyouiku grade 6 w/ table
joyo for all kyouiku kanji w/ table
joyo for secondary kanji w/ table