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id name affiliation category mbti enneagram socio idr tot.
304Philosophy majorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
303Classics majorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
302The most negativistic negativistReinin SuperlativesSuperlatives 0
301The most positivistic positivistReinin SuperlativesSuperlatives 0
300The least empathetic typeThe typesSuperlatives 0
299The most empathetic typeThe typesSuperlatives 0
298Type most likely to be a cult leaderMiscellaneous and GeneralENTJ3w4 sx/soENFJ6
297RoidheadsMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
296left handed peopleMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINTP 1
295the type everyone ignores (and coughs all the time)SuperlativesINTP 1
294Victim-blamingPsychologyPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social SciencesESTJ8w7 so/sp4
293The most perfectionistic typeType superlativesSuperlativesITJ1w9 sp/soLSIINFJ14
292Type most likely to survive a zombie apocalypseMiscellaneous and GeneralISTP8w9 sp/sxLSEISTP10
291Berlin, GermanyCitiesMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
290Detroit, MichiganCitiesMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
289The most cliquish aristocratSocionics reinin superlativesSuperlatives 0
288Chicago, IllinoisCitiesMost Likelies 0
287Makes loud, dramatic moaning noises in the public restroom to mess with peopleMost likelies/Your interpretationMost LikeliesETP7w8 sx/soENTP4
286Dallas, TexasCitiesMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESFJ2w3 so/sp4
285Makes loud, dramatic moaning noises in the public restroom to mess with peopleMost likelies/our interpretationMost Likelies7w8 1
284Pulls an all-nighter just for the hell of itThe type that...Most LikeliesESP 2
283Android UsersSucks to suckMost LikeliesISJ ISTJ2
282Type most likely to t-bag someone in the faceThe type that...Most LikeliesST7w8 sx/soESTP5
281databank/base user most obsessed with mbtiusersSuperlativesINTJ 1
280most intelligent databank/base userusersUsers 0
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recent instinctual variant votes
Type that most complains when people are not fulfilling their responsibilities Taco110 so/sp
Type most likely to be a cult leader LadyX sx/so
Victim-blaming LadyX so/sp
Dallas, Texas LadyX so/sp
Portland, Oregon LadyX so/sx
New York City LadyX sx/so
Boston, Massachusetts LadyX sp/so
Seattle, Washington LadyX sx/sp
London, England LadyX so/sx
Tokyo, Japan LadyX so/sp