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Rowe Enneagram Test

This test is designed to score your results for the following 306 items, the first 27 of which scoring how closely you identify with a set of limiting subconscious beliefs for each Enneagram type (3 randomly chosen for each type), the next 27 of which scoring how closely you identify with a set of coping strategies employed as a result of having these subconscious beliefs (again, a random 3 of each type), the next 90 of which scoring you along a set of natural gifts and talents for each type (10 of each) and the last 162 of which scoring you along the three subtype descriptions for the nine types with 6 items chosen for each subtype: 3 positive items and 3 negative items. Because there are 846 items stored in the database, you will receive a random 306 of those 846 items whenever you take this test; your results are therefore subject to change upon a retest.

You can select five options per question, where the leftmost choice corresponds to "disagree/no" and the rightmost choice corresponds to "agree/yes." The three options in the middle correspond to only moderate preferences for each side, the middle option being specifically for "no preference for either side." To aid you in remembering this, "yes" and "no" have been labeled on their corresponding columns and have been colored appropriately.

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The following is a list of limiting subconscious beliefs for each type; please choose the appropriate choice for each belief. no yes
#1 I require numerous enjoyable outside experiences to feel fulfilled.
#2 To be loved I must be loyal and supportive ALL the time.
#3 It's best to need little so I'm not dependent on anyone.
#4 Emotional need is equated with weakness.
#5 True feelings are not to be expressed if they make you look bad.
#6 I'm different (more flawed) than other people.
#7 People need my help.
#8 I have to earn love, approval and appreciation.
#9 I can never be out of control (or else I'll be led astray by strong subconscious impulses and desires).
#10 People are invasive and demand too much.
#11 My presence/participation in the world is unimportant.
#12 Getting angry disconnects and isolates me from people.
#13 It's up to me to "make it" in life.
#14 I'm on my own in the world, separate from the environment (an outside observer).
#15 It's not safe to show softness or vulnerability.
#16 It's important to present a winning image.
#17 The world won't value my efforts.
#18 Only the strong survive.
#19 I'm responsible for making everything right.
#20 To be loved, I must keep myself positive and life "up."
#21 I have to take care of others before myself.
#22 The world is a dangerous and threatening place.
#23 I'll be severely reprimanded if I make mistakes.
#24 Others fit in better than I do.
#25 I must rely on something (like a religion or belief system) or someone outside myself for security.
#26 Nobody really understands me.
#27 Something better (more exciting, more fun) has to be just around the corner; I just need to keep looking.
The following is a list of coping strategies for each type, where they focus their attention as a result of their subconscious beliefs; please choose the appropriate choice for each belief. no yes
#28 Doubt/mistrust others; Test other's loyalty
#29 Resisting over-influence from the environment
#30 Being self-sufficient to limit dependency on others
#31 Identifying the self with ever-changing feelings and moods
#32 Moving on to something better when stuck in pain
#33 Seeing the flaws --' you have great critical powers
#34 Tuning in to inner states and feelings to actualize the self
#35 Maintaining high standards and the utmost propriety
#36 Containing your own energy and anger
#37 Retreating to the safety of your imagination under stress
#38 "Mirroring" others (matching mannerisms) in conversation to create wonderful rapport
#39 Can be extremely focused and work diligently
#40 Perceptiveness
#41 Present a winning personality that people will admire
#42 Resilience --' bouncing back quickly after painful incidents
#43 Cope with fear by acting strong (or smart) to win support and/or by acting sexy or coquettish to attract support
#44 Denying any personal vulnerability or weakness
#45 Meet challenges by being extremely adaptable -- I adjust my behavior and affect to meet expectations and succeed
#46 Detach from feelings to prevent emotional overwhelm
#47 Planning ability (for pleasurable, positive experiences)
#48 Fighting perceived injustices
#49 Vigilance and alertness; looking for hidden agendas
#50 Naturally noticing who has the power and who's in control
#51 Feeling superior (to those less deep and/or sensitive)
#52 Winning important others over with kindness, charm and seduction
#53 Comparing self to others and judging self and others
#54 Giving (praise, affection, compliments, help, etc.) to get (love)
I have these natural gifts and talents that I take for granted: no yes
#55 The ability to multitask (example: ride lifecycle, watch news, read newspaper (business section first?), and network or do business on the cell phone..... at 5:00 am)
#56 The ability to empathize with people and console and reassure them
#57 The ability to create financial independence (because of my strong desire not to be dependent on anyone)
#58 The ability to use Socratic questioning and scientific methodology
#59 The ability to see the big picture and develop long-range strategic goals
#60 The ability to express myself in a highly unique, personal way
#61 The ability to help people relax, see the big picture, and put things in perspective
#62 The ability to pull myself up by my own bootstraps
#63 The ability to investigate, inquire and research
#64 The ability to work for the common good and support causes (especially underdog ones)
#65 The ability to courageously take risks, try new things and overcome or circumvent obstacles
#66 The ability to sacrifice my own needs for the benefit of someone I care to help
#67 The ability to express myself creatively through art such as music, painting, dance, etc.
#68 The ability to encourage, uplift, inspire and empower people
#69 The ability to behave appropriately and diplomatically when out in public
#70 The ability to offer good advice and counsel that helps people with their problems
#71 The ability to broadly comprehend a subject while penetrating it deeply (and in great detail!)
#72 The ability to focus and concentrate fully when I'm on task
#73 The ability to cooperate, collaborate and create harmonious relationships with others
#74 The ability to experiment, investigate, explore and discover (I'm insatiably curious!)
#75 The ability to enforce [fair] rules imposed on others and break [unfair] rules imposed on me
#76 The ability to take initiative/action and get things done (and get things done quickly)
#77 The ability to juggle many roles and responsibilities in life (in my pursuit of having it all!)
#78 The ability to direct my own life and not be swayed, influenced or coerced by others
#79 The ability to ensure the welfare of those I care about
#80 The ability to arouse enthusiasm and excitement in others for my products, services or projects (great for winning supporters, investors or followers)
#81 The ability to learn quickly
#82 The ability to brainstorm and create multiple options to solve a problem
#83 The ability to accept and appreciate other people just the way they are
#84 The ability to behave appropriately and be polite and well-mannered
#85 The ability to put myself in someone else's shoes and consider their feelings
#86 The ability to work well with my hands, with tools and with possibly machinery
#87 The ability to comfort, support and empathize with others
#88 The ability to set, plan, organize and achieve goals
#89 The ability to value life's simple pleasures and comforts
#90 The ability to focus and concentrate on a work task
#91 The ability to help people view life from a more universal, metaphysical perspective
#92 The ability to inspect, scrutinize and examine something carefully and thoroughly
#93 The ability to put people at ease with my even-keeled presence, calmness and patience
#94 The ability to understand what motivates people
#95 The ability to create an ambiance of romance
#96 The ability to protect, guard, defend and keep people safe from harm
#97 The ability to listen to people patiently, attentively and nonjudgmentally
#98 The ability to beautify any environment
#99 The ability to endure triumphantly/honorably through any tragedy, misfortune, or adversity
#100 The ability to notice what is illogical, inconsistent, impractical or inefficient
#101 The ability to work hard, persevere and do whatever it takes to succeed
#102 The ability to follow my heart, wherever it may lead
#103 The ability to stay open-minded, inquisitive and intellectually curious
#104 The ability to promote honesty, fairness, righteousness and evenhandedness in others
#105 The ability to observe life impartially and see it from multiple, abstract perspectives
#106 The ability to accept enormous responsibility and solve difficult problems
#107 The ability to see points of agreement between people's different points of view
#108 The ability to read people well and perceive what's not being said
#109 The ability to act spontaneously and adapt quickly to changing situations
#110 The ability to pay careful attention to details
#111 The ability to discipline myself, as necessary, to succeed
#112 The ability to use good common sense and take a realistic, pragmatic approach to life
#113 The ability to learn quickly and do many different things well (can be a blessing or a curse)
#114 The ability to focus and concentrate deeply on projects that interest me
#115 The ability to feel things deeply and share the depths of my soul with others, warts and all
#116 The ability to be touched deeply by beauty, kindness and love as well as sadness, sorrow and pain
#117 The ability to network and make connections (with the goal of helping each other succeed)
#118 The ability to go and go and go.... until I crash (like the Energizer bunny!)
#119 The ability to improve myself and my work over time (a commitment to excellence)
#120 The ability to motivate, persuade, convince and inspire people
#121 The ability to perceive, discern and mentally interpret information that escapes most people
#122 The ability to move into focused action when known difficulties/problems arise
#123 The ability to tune in to my inner states, subconscious feelings and impulses
#124 The ability to do what I say I will do
#125 The ability to listen well and empathize deeply with others
#126 The ability to "learn more to earn more" -- I naturally want to stay on the cutting edge of breakthrough success technology
#127 The ability to create peace and harmony between people (and even countries)
#128 The ability to detect when someone is being untruthful
#129 The ability to synthesize others' ideas and form my own
#130 The ability to think systematically and approach problems carefully and methodically
#131 The ability to inspect products, services, or processes to evaluate their quality or performance
#132 The ability to analyze
#133 The ability to see patterns and possibilities
#134 The ability to organize resources, prioritize tasks and follow through on work projects
#135 The ability to work steadily and persistently toward my goals without giving up
#136 The ability to size people up quickly and figure out their weaknesses
#137 The ability to produce positive change in the world (with my vision, compassion and strength)
#138 The ability to see other peoples' points of view and value differences of opinion
#139 The ability to give my word and honor it, come hell or high water!
#140 The ability to lead discussion groups and build teams
#141 The ability to investigate, probe and question
#142 The ability to fight for truth and justice and stand up for what I believe in
#143 The ability to intuit and inwardly perceive other people's needs
#144 The ability to console, comfort and support people in times of pain and sorrow
The following is a list of statements taken from each subtype description. Please choose the appropriate choice for each item. no yes
#145 Outgoing and sociable but like having a home base
#146 Can become preoccupied with taking the path of least resistance --' maintaining comforting habits and repetitious routines as a way to zone out, expend minimal energy and keep your peace of mind
#147 Meaningful objects, such as antiques or art, can appease romantic desires and longings
#148 Manage your social insecurities/anxieties by looking for reassurance and support from friends and allies
#149 Possibly abuse food (as compensation for feeling unloved)
#150 May want the symbols of success (in the U.S. --' a fancy car; a nice, big house in the best neighborhood; designer clothes; name brands, etc.)
#151 Can fear losing the support of trusted allies if you act independently
#152 Can express your feelings especially well nonverbally, through your sensuality and sexuality
#153 Can speak up for yourself and don't allow yourself to be overworked and underappreciated
#154 Strong sense of social responsibility
#155 Like to be in high-profile positions; desire fame
#156 Inner tension between wanting privacy/alone time vs. wanting intense, intimate connection with partner
#157 Have too high expectations of self and others
#158 Get rebellious when people presume to know what you are thinking and feeling
#159 Can be fairly conventional and conforming; you may not like to go beyond the limits
#160 Are often talkative and enjoy a good debate, especially about politics, the economy, sports or leadership
#161 When healthy you can fight injustices courageously, especially with backing from your inner circle
#162 Fear being left out or forgotten
#163 Extremely accepting of other people's individuality and right to express themselves
#164 Dislike inequality amongst people so strive for an egalitarian group structure --' no leaders, no followers
#165 Can show healthy anger
#166 Test limits and boundaries with your friends initially to see if they are loyal, honorable and trustworthy
#167 Get along well with individuals and groups that are very different from each other
#168 Can be territorial about your possessions and get bent out of sorts if someone moves something of yours
#169 You can occasionally act counterphobic and rebel against an untrustworthy authority figure
#170 Have a large circle of friends that you share interests, activities and enthusiasms with
#171 Usually are good at debating, analyzing, critiquing, investigating, researching, conceptualizing, etc.
#172 Self-reliant and independent
#173 Have trouble taking time off from work, relaxing or even slowing down
#174 Crave yet fear intimacy due to hidden feelings of undesirability
#175 Like time alone. Can be balanced with regard to own needs vs. others' needs
#176 Can develop excellent communication and interpersonal relationship skills
#177 Careful with money and possessions, don't risk them foolishly chasing a pipedream
#178 Have hidden expectations of love being returned
#179 Tend to demand loyalty and attention from your partner; can act parental or superior at times
#180 Often focus on maintaining your home and the stability of your home life
#181 Overly concerned about how authority figures perceive you; feel the need to be well liked by them
#182 Are resilient; you can reframe disappointments and look to future possibilities for happiness
#183 Hard working, productive, time efficient, goal-oriented, pragmatic
#184 Know how to get close to and intimate with people
#185 Fear making mistakes, fear catastrophes
#186 Can be self-destructive, impulsive and aggressive yet terrified of being without support
#187 Inner tension between wanting to comply with others' wishes vs. wanting to defy/assert independence
#188 Excellent material providers for your family and yourself; can be generous and big-hearted
#189 Can be fickle and cancel appointments if something more exciting or promising comes up
#190 Interested in physical and material well being
#191 Often love to cook for others
#192 Are very protective of your partner
#193 You avoid participating in group conflicts if at all possible
#194 Seductive; desire to be valued, wanted and desired
#195 Give their time, energy and even money to improve conditions for people and/or the world
#196 Disengage from your partner to be alone after an intense engagement, which can confuse your partner
#197 Keep physically fit and healthy
#198 Too intense for others
#199 Often very loyal to family and friends; enjoy nurturing and caring for your own
#200 Some choose work that helps others become more attractive
#201 Can have trouble setting your own goals and following through with your innermost intentions
#202 Can be hypersensitive to criticism and devastated by being left out by a group of friends
#203 Want to make sure you always have what you need and aren't deprived, limited or constricted
#204 You can long for the ideal romantic union with a partner
#205 Neglect primary needs (spiritual) -- go for secondary gratifications (material) as compensation for not pursuing your real desires, but not without some repressed underlying anxiety and anger
#206 Tend to be lusty in love; can be competitive, impulsive and impatient too
#207 Warm, friendly, pleasant, easy-going and considerate yet also dynamic and alive to yourself
#208 Always have other people's welfare in mind as well as your own
#209 Go after want you want
#210 Enjoy learning widely and broadly to understand what other experts in different fields have to say
#211 Can project your own unowned power onto another and then see that person as a threat
#212 Pay attention to yourself and "put first things first," aligning your behaviors and choices with what's really important to you, your deepest values and convictions
#213 Hold people to exacting standards
#214 At worst, can be obsessed with someone; stalking; fatal attractions
#215 You have great self-respect; if you are ever betrayed, you will cut that person out of your life
#216 Are goal-oriented, hard-working and energetic
#217 Can be patient, understanding, curious and a great listener
#218 Do whatever it takes to "win over" people, especially a romantic interest (won't take no for an answer)
#219 Tend to avoid social contact; can feel alienated from others at times
#220 Inner tension between wanting to connect with your partner on a deep level vs. needing to stay in control
#221 Can be aware of group expectations but have enough self-esteem to do what's best for yourself
#222 Can see life as a struggle; may believe only the strong survive; can be hard-hearted, anti-social
#223 Minimalistic; get by with the bare essentials (like books, bookshelves, a computer & Sudoku puzzles!)
#224 Set personal goals regularly and don't sweep problems under the rug
#225 Often become extremely knowledgeable in your line of work or field of interest
#226 Health conscious (exercise regularly, eat well, etc.)
#227 Faithful and loyal
#228 Can become magnetized by and infatuated with someone you find fascinating/intriguing/mysterious and will romanticize and fantasize about him or her as a way to keep life exciting and stimulating
#229 Extremely social, friendly and outgoing
#230 Public image is all important
#231 Unrealistically high expectations, easily disappointed when others don't measure up
#232 Can discount basic self-preservation needs and tune mundane reality out in order to follow a dream
#233 Can be a materialistic and consummate consumer; like having the latest gadgets and trendy items
#234 Feel most alive when tempting fate; can lead to crisis situations
#235 Have an interest in the group's welfare because you feel the group's welfare is connected to your own
#236 Strong emphasis on fidelity
#237 Have a lust for power and quickly notice who else has power when you are among a group of people
#238 Easily swayed by other people, you don't take responsibility for your own choices and blame your partner or other people when things go wrong
#239 Can zone out mentally and disengage emotionally while still remaining physically present/involved
#240 You are easily influenced by the people around you, so you like to make people happy so that you can stay happy (and avoid any kind of conflict)
#241 Would make a great teacher, mathematician, scientist, consultant or computer programmer
#242 Can also be creative (somewhat like 4s) since you have a rich imagination and an eye for beauty
#243 Subconsciously rationalize that if someone loves you for your beauty then when they find out what a nervous wreck underneath you are, they might still keep you because they love you already anyway
#244 Feel a sense of entitlement to get their essential needs met too
#245 Intuitively know the needs and interests of others
#246 Desire to uphold and enforce rules for the good of all
#247 Can have explosive emotional reactions when your connection with important others is threatened
#248 Excellent at pointing out angles, perspectives or viewpoints that others had not considered
#249 Adapt and compromise yourself to look good and fit in
#250 Sometimes you can unexpectedly leave/disappear for long periods of time without any notice
#251 Take criticism very personally
#252 You're very protective -- of yourself, your loved ones, your possessions, your friends, and others in need
#253 Group involvement helps you to structure the use of your time better
#254 Consider your home as somewhat like a castle, island, fortress or barrier of safety to protect yourself against the dangers of the outside world
#255 Can have a difficult time committing and tend to scatter their energy in every direction
#256 Can't ask for what you need
#257 Maintain order and comfort for everyone in your home
#258 Charismatic and charming; outgoing and personable
#259 Can have difficulty with social chit-chat and small talk, unless talking about your field
#260 Excellent at connecting people together for their mutual benefit
#261 Can be extremely devoted, big-hearted and loving once you trust their partner
#262 Can fall in and out of love often, trying your best to avoid a boring life
#263 You foster a sense of unity and deep connection with people you are close to (like your partner, parents, children, friends, pets, etc.), and for some your spiritual teacher or even All That Is
#264 Can be materialistic and use money as bartering chips for power and control
#265 Can feel as though other people have what is missing in your life
#266 Very sacrificial for a greater good or cause
#267 Desire to find the perfect, ideal partner
#268 Like to be the center of attention, the head honcho, the big cheese
#269 Skilled at one-to-one relating because you are authentic and real rather than pretentious
#270 Can be self-righteous
#271 Overly concerned about your social position; want to be one of the intellectual or creative elite
#272 Can get anxious and panicky when you think about losing your freedom
#273 Can be aware of group expectations but have enough self-esteem to do what's best for yourself
#274 Believe you are only as good as your achievements
#275 Can feel incapable of meeting the same standards that others in the group are capable of meeting and fear that your defectiveness will eventually be found out and you will be rejected by the group
#276 Are capable of making new discoveries or introducing inventions or life changing theories, etc.
#277 Good team players, get along well with others
#278 You would sometimes like to be more independent and get in touch with your true desires and vitality
#279 Are passionate about life
#280 Have a wide-ranging curiosity and are likely multitalented
#281 Workaholism and strong identification with their work
#282 At worst, can be vindictive, promiscuous, jealous, exhibitionistic or even rageful
#283 Affectionate, nurturing
#284 Can be competitive with any rivals that might threaten your romantic relationship
#285 Want the best for everyone else as well as yourself
#286 Resent authority because you see it as unnecessary and just another restriction on your freedom
#287 Flattering, ingratiating, seductive
#288 You may like a more withdrawn type of partner that you can mold
#289 Tend to retreat to the comfort and solitude of your home where you feel more safe and at ease
#290 Can avoid groups and organizations altogether while still caring about your social position and how you are seen by society
#291 Are considerate and cooperative but have good boundaries; don't allow others to control or coerce you
#292 Can be tender, vulnerable and sweet but also competitive, demanding, aggressive and pushy
#293 Once friends have proven themselves trustworthy, they are considered part of your inner circle
#294 Tend to be a good conversationalist and advice giver
#295 Know how to look attractive: you workout, eat right, pay attention to style and grooming, etc.
#296 Entertaining, optimistic, positive, vivacious and upbeat
#297 Fearful of standing out and consequently have difficulty striving for your own success
#298 You like to get involved in groups that further social causes
#299 Can engage with people deeply, authentically and passionately
#300 Keep yourself physically strong and/or physically attractive
#301 Can be seductive without even meaning to be
#302 When your marriage inevitably hits a difficult patch, you stay positive, talk, and work through it
#303 At worst, get so emotionally distraught over love gone wrong that you kill yourself and/or your lover
#304 Can be a workaholic
#305 Expect to be abandoned at any time and are terrified of having no support so you stay in bad situations
#306 Responsible and security conscious
The following questions are optional, but recommended. Please answer truthfully.
Sex: male female other
Gender: male female other
What Myers-Briggs type do you identify as?
What Enneagram type do you identify as?
Any additional comments?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
most likely enneagram type
(with wing)
possible instinctual variant stacking

type 1self-preservation0 sexual0 social0
type 2self-preservation0 sexual0 social0
type 3self-preservation0 sexual0 social0
type 4self-preservation0 sexual0 social0
type 5self-preservation0 sexual0 social0
type 6self-preservation0 sexual0 social0
type 7self-preservation0 sexual0 social0
type 8self-preservation0 sexual0 social0
type 9self-preservation0 sexual0 social0