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mbti (form q)

this doesn't score the same way as form q and just adds equal weight to each question, but it's v close

#1 When you go somewhere for the day, would you rather plan what you will do and when, or
just go?
#2 If you were a teacher, would you rather teach fact courses, or
courses involving theory?
#3 Are you usually a "good mixer," or
rather quiet and reserved?
#4 Do you prefer to arrange dates, parties, etc., well in advance, or
be free to do whatever looks like fun when the time comes?
#5 Do you usually get along better with imaginative people, or
realistic people?
#6 Do you more often let your heart rule your head, or
your head rule your heart?
#7 When you are with a group of people, would you usually rather join in the talk of the group, or
talk individually with people you know well?
#8 Do you prefer to do many things on the spur of the moment, or
according to your plans?
#9 Would you rather be considered a practical person, or
an ingenious person?
#10 In a large group, do you more often introduce others, or
get introduced?
#11 Are you more attracted to a person with a quick and brilliant mind, or
a practical person with a lot of common sense?
#12 Does following a schedule appeal to you, or
cramp you?
#13 Would you say it generally takes others a lot of time to get to know you, or
a little time to get to know you?
#14 Does the idea of making a list of what you should get done over a weekend appeal to you, or
leave you cold?
#15 Is it a higher compliment to be called a person of real feeling, or
a consistently reasonable person?
#16 Do you tend to spend a lot of time by yourself, or
with others?
#17 In your daily work, do you rather enjoy an emergency that make you work against time, or
usually plan your work so you won't need to work under pressure?
#18 Would you rather have as a friend someone who is always coming up with new ideas, or
has both feet on the ground?
#19 Can you talk easily to almost anyone for as long as you have to, or
find a lot to say only to certain people or under certain conditions?
#20 When you have a special job to do, do you like to organize it carefully before you start, or
finid out what is necessary as you go along?
#21 Are you inclined to value sentiment more than logic, or
value logic more than sentiment?
#22 In reading for pleasure, do you enjoy odd or original ways of saying things, or
like writers who say exactly what they mean?
#23 Can the new people you meet tell what you are interested in right away, or
only after they really get to know you?
#24 In planning a trip, would you prefer to most of the time do whatever you feel like that day, or
know ahead of time what you'll be doing most days?
#25 In doing something that many other people do, does it appeal to you more to do it in the accepted way, or
invent a way of your own?
#26 Would most people say you are a private person, or
a very open person?
#27 abstract solid
#28 scheduled unplanned
#29 gentle firm
#30 facts ideas
#31 thinking feeling
#32 hearty quiet
#33 convincing touching
#34 statement concept
#35 analyze sympathize
#36 systematic spontaneous
#37 sensitive just
#38 reserved talkative
#39 no-nonsense theoretical
#40 compassion foresight
#41 systematic casual
#42 quiet outgoing
#43 benefits blessings
#44 theory certainty
#45 determined devoted
#46 idea actuality
#47 strong-willed tenderhearted
#48 imaginative matter-of-fact
#49 objective passionate
#50 make create
#51 warm objective
#52 sensible fascinating
#53 compassionate logical
#54 production design
#55 impulse decision
#56 fair-minded caring
#57 quiet gregarious
#58 analytical sentimental
#59 unconstrained scheduled
#60 concrete abstract
#61 practical sentimental
#62 open private
#63 build invent
#64 orderly easygoing
#65 imaginative realistic
#66 competent kindhearted
#67 theory fact
#68 few friends lots of friends
#69 possibilities certainties
#70 bighearted firm-minded
#71 novel already known
#72 tenderness strength
#73 practical innovative
#74 Do you find being around a lot of people gives you more energy, or
is often "draining"?
#75 When making a decision, is it more important to you to weigh the facts, or
consider people's feelings and opinions?
#76 Do you generally prefer to make your social engagements with some distance ahead, or
be free to do things on the spur of the moment?
#77 At parties, do you sometimes get bored, or
always have fun?
#78 In most instances, do you prefer to go with the flow, or
follow a schedule?
#79 Do you usually mingle well with others, or
tend to keep more to yourself?
#80 Do you prefer to wait and see what happens and then make plans, or
plan things far in advance?
#81 Are you easy to get to know, or
hard to get to know?
#82 Do you generally prefer courses that teach concepts and principles, or
facts and figures?
#83 At parties, do you do much of the talking, or
let others do most of the talking?
#84 Do you consider yourself to be more of a spontaneous person, or
more of an organized person?
#85 Can you keep a conversation going indefinitely only with people who share some interest of yours, or
with almost anyone?
#86 When you start a big project that is due in a week, do you take time to list the separate things to be done and the order of doing them, or
plunge in?
#87 Which is a higher compliment, to be called competent, or
#88 Do you find going by a schedule necessary at times but generally unfavorable, or
helpful and favorable most of the time?
#89 Would you rather work under a boss (or teacher) who is good-natured but often inconsistent, or
sharp-tongued but always logical?
#90 Overall, when working on a big assignment, do you tend to figure out what needs to be done as you go along, or
begin by breaking it down into steps?
#91 In social situations, do you generally find it difficult to start and maintain a conversation with some people, or
easy to talk to most people for long periods of time?
#92 Would you rather support the established methods of doing good, or
analyze what is still wrong and attack unsolved problems?
#93 Would you prefer to do most things according to however you feel that particular day, or
a set schedule?
#94 Are you more careful about people’s feelings
their rights
#95 In most instances, do you prefer to go with the flow, or
follow a schedule?
#96 Do you rather prefer to do things at the last minute, or
find that hard on the nerves
#97 Do you usually show your feelings freely
keep your feelings to yourself
#98 Is it harder for you to adapt to routine
constant change
#99 When you have to meet strangers, do you find it pleasant, or at least easy, or
something that takes a good deal of effort
#100 Do you admire more the people who are conventional enough never to make themselves conspicuous
too original and individual to care whether they are conspicuous or not
#101 Among your friends, are you one of the last to hear what is going on, or
full of news about everybody
#102 Are you at your best when dealing with the unexpected, or
when following a carefully worked out plan
#103 Do you think that having a daily routine is a comfortable way to get things done, or
painful even when necessary
#104 Do you tend to have deep friendships with a very few people, or
broad friendships with many different people
#105 Do you think you get more enthusiastic about things than the average person, or
less enthusiastic about things than the average person
#106 Is it higher praise to say someone has vision, or
common sense
#107 firm-minded warm hearted
#108 popular intimate
#109 active intellectual
#110 uncritical critical
#111 sign symbol
#112 soft hard
#113 speak write
#114 forgive tolerate
#115 punctual leisurely
#116 justice mercy
#117 calm lively
#118 wary trustful
#119 congenial effective
#120 approve question
#121 sociable detached
#122 peacemaker judge
#123 accept change
#124 agree discuss
#125 executive scholar
#126 known unknown
#127 things words
#128 unusual customary
#129 compete collaborate
#130 party theater
#131 dissect applaud
#132 When you are at a party, do you like to help get things going
let the others have fun in their own way
#133 Do you think it more important to be able to see the possibilities in a situation, or
be able to adjust to the facts as they are
#134 In getting a job done, do you depend upon starting early, so as to finish with time to spare, or
the extra speed you develop at the last minute
#135 When you don't agree with what has just been said, do you usually let it go, or
put up an argument
#136 When it is settled well in advance that you will do a certain thing at a certain time, do you find it nice to be able to plan according, or
a little unpleasant to be tied down
#137 Do you feel that sarcasm should never be used where it can hurt people's feelings, or
is too effective a form of speech to be discarded for such a reason
#138 Do you think the people close to you know how you feel about most things, or
only when you have had some special reason to tell them
#139 In your way of living, do you prefer to be original, or
#140 Is it your habit to confide in nobody, or at most in one person, or
have a number of confidential friends
#141 At social gatherings, do you try to corner somebody you like to talk to, or
mix with the group
#142 When you have finished using a particular tool, piece of equipment, reference book, etc., do you ordinarily replace it at once where it belongs, or
lay it aside until the main job is done
#143 Are people more likely to describe you as a procrastinator, or
too impatient
#144 Do you look upon routine as a desirable way of preventing slipups, or
even less desirable than the slipups
#145 Do you get real satisfaction out of doing a task before it actually has to be done, or
enjoy the speed and efficiency you acquire just before a deadline
The following questions are optional, but recommended. Please answer truthfully.
Sex: male female other
Gender: male female other
What Myers-Briggs type do you identify as?
What Enneagram type do you identify as?
Any additional comments?

your myers-briggs type
your form m myers-briggs type

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i s t j

concrete abstract
realistic imaginative
practical conceptual
experiential theoretical
traditional original
initiating receiving
expressive contained
gregarious intimate
active reflective
enthusiastic quiet
logical empathetic
reasonable compassionate
questioning accommodating
critical accepting
tough tender
systematic casual
planful open-ended
early starting pressure-prompted
scheduled spontaneous
methodical emergent