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#1 I'm not a worrier.
#2 I really like most people I meet.
#3 I have a very active imagination.
#4 I tend to be cynical and skeptical of others' intentions.
#5 I'm known for my prudence and common sense.
#6 I often get angry at the way people treat me.
#7 I shy away from crowds of people.
#8 Aesthetic and artistic concerns aren't very important to me.
#9 I'm not crafty or sly.
#10 I would rather keep my options open than plan everything in advance.
#11 I rarely feel lonely or blue.
#12 I am dominant forceful, and assertive.
#13 Without strong emotions, life would be uninteresting to me.
#14 Some people think I'm selfish or egotistical.
#15 I try to perform all the tasks assigned to me conscientiously.
#16 In dealing with other people, I always dread making a social blunder.
#17 I have a leisurely style in work and play.
#18 I'm pretty set in my ways.
#19 I would rather cooperate with others than compete with them.
#20 I am easy-going and lackadaisical.
#21 I rarely overindulge in anything.
#22 I often crave excitement.
#23 I often enjoy playing with theories and abstract ideas.
#24 I don't mind bragging about my talents and accomplishments.
#25 I'm pretty good about pacing myself so as to get things done on time.
#26 I often feel helpless and want someone else to solve my problems.
#27 I have literally never jumped for joy.
#28 I believe letting students hear controversial speakers can only confuse and mislead them.
#29 Political leaders need to be more aware of the human side of their policies.
#30 Over the years, I've done some pretty stupid things.
#31 I am easily frightened.
#32 I don't get much pleasure from chatting with people.
#33 I try to keep all my thoughts directed along realistic lines and avoid flights of fancy.
#34 I believe that most people are basically well-intentioned.
#35 I don't take civic duties like voting very seriously.
#36 I am an even-tempered person.
#37 I like to have a lot of people around me.
#38 I am sometimes completely absorbed in music I am listening to.
#39 If necessary, I am willing to manipulate people to get what I want.
#40 I keep my belongings nice and clean.
#41 Sometimes I feel completely worthless.
#42 I sometimes fail to assert myself as much as I should.
#43 I rarely experience strong emotions.
#44 I try to be courteous to everyone I meet.
#45 I am not as dependable or reliable as I should be.
#46 I seldom feel self-conscious when I'm around people.
#47 When I do things, I do them vigorously.
#48 I think it's interesting to learn and develop new hobbies.
#49 I can be sarcastic and cutting when I need to be.
#50 I have a clear set of goals and work toward them in an orderly fashion.
#51 I have trouble resisting my cravings.
#52 I wouldn't enjoy vacationing in Las Vegas.
#53 I find philosophical arguments boring.
#54 I'd rather not talk about myself and my achievements.
#55 I waste a lot of time before settling down to work.
#56 I feel like I am capable of coping with most of my problems.
#57 I have sometimes experienced intense joy or ecstasy.
#58 I believe that laws and social policies should change to reflect the needs of a changing world.
#59 I'm hard-headed and tough-minded in my attitudes.
#60 I think things through before coming to a decision.
#61 I rarely feel fearful or anxious.
#62 I'm known as a warm or friendly person.
#63 I have an active fantasy life.
#64 I believe that most people will take advantage of you if you let them.
#65 I keep myself informed and usually make intelligent decisions.
#66 I am known as hot-blooded and quick-tempered.
#67 I usually prefer to do things alone.
#68 Watching ballet or modern dance bores me.
#69 I couldn't deceive anyone even if I wanted to.
#70 I am not a very methodical person.
#71 I am seldom sad or depressed.
#72 I have often been a leader of groups I have belonged to.
#73 How I feel about things is important to me.
#74 Some people think of me as cold and calculating.
#75 I pay my debts promptly and in full.
#76 At times I have been so ashamed I just wanted to hide.
#77 My work is likely to be slow but steady.
#78 Once I find the right way to do something, I stick to it.
#79 I hesitate to express my anger even when it's justified.
#80 When I start a self-improvement program, I usually let it slide after a few days..
#81 I have little difficulty resisting temptation.
#82 I have sometimes done things just for "kicks" or "thrills."
#83 I enjoy solving problems or puzzles.
#84 I'm better than most people and I know it.
#85 I am a productive person who always gets the job done.
#86 When I'm under a great deal of stress, sometimes I feel like I'm going to pieces.
#87 I am not a cheerful optimist.
#88 I believe we should look to our religious authorities for decisions on moral issues.
#89 We can never do too much for the poor and elderly.
#90 Occasionally I act first and think later.
#91 I often feel tense and jittery.
#92 Many people think of me as somewhat cold and distant.
#93 I don't like to waste my time daydreaming.
#94 I think most of the people I deal with are honest and trustworthy.
#95 I often come into situations whiteout being fully prepared.
#96 I am not considered a touchy or temperamental person.
#97 I really feel the need for other people if I am by myself for long.
#98 I am intrigued by the patterns I find in art and nature.
#99 Being perfectly honest is a bad way to do business.
#100 I like to keep everything in its place so I know just where it is.
#101 I have sometimes experienced a deep sense of guilt of sinfulness.
#102 In meetings, I usually let others do the talking.
#103 I seldom pay much attention to my feelings of the moment.
#104 I generally try to be thoughtful and considerate.
#105 Sometimes I cheat when I play solitaire.
#106 It doesn't embarrass me too much if people ridicule and tease me.
#107 I often feel as if I'm bursting with energy.
#108 I often try new and foreign foods.
#109 If I don't like people, I let them know it.
#110 I work hard to accomplish my goals.
#111 When I am having my favourite foods, I tend to eat too much.
#112 I tend to avoid movies that are shocking or scary.
#113 I sometimes lose interest when people talk about very abstract, theoretical matters.
#114 I try to be humble.
#115 I have trouble making myself do what I should.
#116 I keep a cool head in emergencies.
#117 Sometimes i bubble with happiness.
#118 I believe that the different ideas of right and wrong that people in other societies have may be valid for them.
#119 I have no sympathy for panhandlers.
#120 I always consider the consequences before I take action.
#121 I'm seldom apprehensive about the future.
#122 I really enjoy talking to people.
#123 I enjoy concentrating on a fantasy or daydream and exploring all its possibilities, letting it grow and develop.
#124 I'm suspicious when someone does something nice for me.
#125 I pride myself on my sound judgment.
#126 I often get disgusted with people I have to deal with.
#127 I prefer jobs that let me work alone without being bothered by other people.
#128 Poetry has little or no effect on me.
#129 I would hate to be thought of as a hypocrite.
#130 I never seem to be able to get organized.
#131 I tend to blame myself when anything goes wrong.
#132 Other people often look to me to make decisions.
#133 I experience a wide range of emotions or feelings.
#134 I'm not known for my generosity.
#135 When I make a commitment, I can always be counted on to follow through.
#136 I often feel inferior to others.
#137 I'm not as quick and lively as other people.
#138 I prefer to spend my time in familiar surroundings.
#139 When I've been insulted, I just try to forgive and forget.
#140 I don't feel like I'm driven to get ahead.
#141 I seldom give in to my impulses.
#142 I like to be where the action is.
#143 I enjoy working on "mind-twister" type puzzles.
#144 I have a very high opinion of myself.
#145 once I start a project, I almost always finish it.
#146 It's often hard for me to make up my mind.
#147 I don't consider myself especially "light-hearted."
#148 I believe that loyalty to one's ideals and principles is more important than "open-mindedness."
#149 Human need should always take priority over economic considerations.
#150 I often do things on the spur of the moment.
#151 I often worry about things that might go wrong.
#152 I find it easy to smile and be outgoing with strangers.
#153 If I feel my mind starting to drift off into daydreams, I usually get busy and start concentrating on some work or activity instead.
#154 My first reaction is to trust people.
#155 I don't seem to be completely successful at anything.
#156 It takes a lot to get me mad.
#157 I'd rather vacation at a popular beach than an isolated cabin in the woods.
#158 Certain kinds of music have an endless fascination for me.
#159 Sometimes I trick people into doing what I want.
#160 I tend to be somewhat fastidious or exacting.
#161 I have a low opinion of myself.
#162 I would rather go my own way than be a leader of others.
#163 I seldom notice the moods or feelings that different environments produce.
#164 Most people I know like me.
#165 I adhere strictly to my ethical principles.
#166 I feel comfortable in the presence of my bosses or other authorities.
#167 I usually seem to be in a hurry.
#168 Sometimes I make changes around the house just to try something different.
#169 If someone starts a fight, I'm ready to fight back.
#170 I drive to achieve all I can.
#171 I sometimes eat myself sick.
#172 I love the excitement of roller coasters.
#173 I have little interest in speculating on the nature of the universe of the human condition.
#174 I feel that I am no better than others, no matter what their condition.
#175 When a project gets too difficult, I'm inclined to start a new one.
#176 I can handle myself pretty well in a crisis.
#177 I am a cheerful, high-spirited person.
#178 I consider myself borax-minded and tolerant of other people's lifestyles.
#179 I believe all human beings are worthy of respect.
#180 I rarely make hasty decisions.
#181 I have fewer fears than most people.
#182 I have strong emotional attachments to my friends.
#183 As a child I rarely enjoyed games of make believe.
#184 I tend to assume the best about people.
#185 I'm a very competent person.
#186 At times I have felt bitter or resentful.
#187 Social gatherings are usually boring to me.
#188 Sometimes when I am reading poetry or looking at a work of art, I feel a chill or a wave of excitement.
#189 At times I bully or flatter people into doing when I want them to.
#190 I'm not compulsive about cheating.
#191 Sometimes things look pretty bleak and hopeless to me.
#192 In conversations, I tend to do most of the talking.
#193 I find it easy to empathize—to feel myself what others are feeling.
#194 I think of myself as a charitable person.
#195 I try to do jobs carefully, so they won't have to be done again.
#196 If I have said or done the wrong thing to someone, I can hardly bear to face them again.
#197 My life is fast-paced.
#198 On a vacation, I prefer going back to a tried and true spot.
#199 I'm hard-headed and stubborn.
#200 I strive for excellence in everything I do.
#201 Sometimes I do things on impulse that I later regret.
#202 I'm attracted to bright colors and flashy styles
#203 I have a lot of intellectual curiosity.
#204 I would rather praise others than be praised myself.
#205 There are so many little jobs that need to be done that I sometimes just ignore them all.
#206 When everything seems to be going wrong, I can still make good decisions.
#207 I rarely use words like "fantastic!" or "sensational!" to describe my experiences.
#208 I think that if people don't know what they believe in by the time they're 25, there's something wrong with them.
#209 I have sympathy for others less fortunate that me.
#210 I plan ahead carefully when I go on a trip.
#211 Frightening thoughts sometimes come into my head.
#212 I take a personal interest in the people I work with.
#213 I would have difficulty just letting my mind wander without control or guidance.
#214 I have a good deal of faith in human nature.
#215 I am efficient and effective at my work.
#216 Even minor annoyances can be frustrating to me.
#217 I enjoy parties with lots of people.
#218 I enjoy reading poetry that emphasises feelings and images more than story lines.
#219 I pride myself on my shrewdness in handling people.
#220 I spend a lot of time looking for things I've misplaced.
#221 Too often, when things go wrong, I get discouraged and feel like giving up.
#222 I don't find it easy to take charge of a situation.
#223 Odd things—like certain scents or the names of distant places—can evoke strong moods in me.
#224 I go out of my way to help others if I can.
#225 I'd really have to be sick before I'd miss a day of work.
#226 When people I know do foolish things, I get embarrassed for them.
#227 I am a very active person.
#228 I follow the same route when I go someplace.
#229 I often get into arguments with my family and co-workers.
#230 I'm something of a "workaholic."
#231 I am always able to keep my feelings under control.
#232 I like being a part of the crowd at sporting events.
#233 I have a wide range of intellectual interests.
#234 I'm a superior person.
#235 I have a lot of self-discipline.
#236 I'm pretty stable emotionally.
#237 I laugh easily.
#238 I believe that the "new morality" of permissiveness is no morality at all.
#239 I would rather be known as "merciful" than as "just."
#240 I think twice before I answer a question.
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