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id name affiliation category mbti enneagram socio idr tot.
509Liberal Arts Major (Liberal Arts College)UniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
508the person who drops out of college because 1 or 2 courses required is not offered every yearUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
507Civil Engineering MajorUniversityScience, Technology, and Engineering 0
506Pre-Law, Law MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
505Random classes, random departments, "Undecided" approach to collegeUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
504The internet troll who looks super innocent in personMost LikeliesPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social Sciences 0
503Type most likely to think they unintentionally conveyed a bad point, because very few people clicked the like button on it.Most LikeliesPhilosophy, Psychology, and Social Sciences 0
502History MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyISTJ 1
501Sociology MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
500Biology MajorUniversityScience, Technology, and EngineeringISTJ 1
499Alaska AirlinesAirlines Airways CompaniesScience, Technology, and EngineeringINTP 1
498Political Science Major/Civics ClassUniversityGovernment, Politics, and LawENTJ 1
497Type that knows DiamondDust is rightsuperlatives, PDMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
496Type that gets along with "French personality" girls ()SuperlativesMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
495French MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
494Computer ScienceUniversityScience, Technology, and EngineeringINTP 2
493Music TheoryUniversityMusic and Performing ArtsINTP 1
492Welding ClassUniversity School College TradeMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
491Communications MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyESFP 1
490Economics MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyT 1
489Chemistry MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINT 1
488Math MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyINTP 2
487Geopolitics (Major/Course)UniversityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyITJ 1
486Geography MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and SocietyISTJ 1
485Design MajorUniversityMiscellaneous Culture and Society 0
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recent mbti votes
The Full Time Troll Skippy Munchkin ENTP
The Addict Skippy Munchkin INTP
Most rational type dragon INTJ
never suspects that their partner is cheating dragon INTP
Most robotic type dragon INTJ
Most arrogant thinker type dragon INTP
Smartest type dragon INTP
Hangs out with almost exclusively girls, but is straight dragon INTP
Racist INTPs dragon INTP
Computer Science dragon INTP
Worst type in formal settings dragon INTP
Math Major dragon INTP
History Major geopol ISTJ
Geopolitics (Major/Course) geopol ITJ
Geography Major geopol ISTJ
Alaska Airlines geopol INTP
Biology Major geopol ISTJ
the gallant knight psychkei ESFJ
most likely to dislike the gut types psychkei ISTJ
Math Major geopol INTP
Communications Major geopol ESFP
Economics Major geopol T
Chemistry Major geopol INTx
Computer Science geopol INTP
Music Theory geopol INTP
recent socionics votes
Dumbest type psychkei SEI
the gallant knight psychkei EIE
most likely to dislike the gut types psychkei LSI
The type you would NOT want to be if you had the choice Flower-like SLI
Inquisitive Vindicator Phoenix ILE
Most Likely To Do Best In Solitary Confinement Vindicator Phoenix ILI
Open-minded Vindicator Phoenix IEE
the gallant knight Vindicator Phoenix ESI
throws things and punches walls when angry Vindicator Phoenix SLE
Type you love the most Vindicator Phoenix EII